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Hello and Thank you for your interest in submitting to Little Lamb Books!

We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions. Our new submissions dates for the fall as November 1-30, 2021 for our 2023 Catalog.

If you are a children’s, middle grade, or young adult author interested in submitting your faith-based manuscript, please continue reading our Submissions Guidelines and our new annual submissions open dates to determine if your story is a good fit with our company. Thank you!


Due to COVID and the amount of submissions we receive, we have changed our submission window. We now offer two specific times for new, unagented submissions each year:

  • March 1st-30th
  • November 1st – 30th.

Please note that we will not read submissions outside these time periods, unless we receive it via a literary agent, a conference pitch session request, or pitch party participation request.

A reminder that our focus is on faith-based elementary, middle grade, and young adult fiction. Stories should have a Christian worldview and be founded in biblical truth.

For FICTION, we are currently looking for concept driven stories that are lighthearted and positive and focused on character traits and personal themes, like love, friendship, compassion, sharing, etc. as well as character driven stories that focus on a holiday events, families & siblings, racial diversity, experiencing change & challenges, and biblical parable re-tellings, etc.

In NON-FICTION, we are specifically looking for age-appropriate devotionals, journals, biographies, and biblical stories.

Please become familiar with our titles before submitting. Please follow our Submission Guidelines when you query. Thank you!


We prefer that you include a strong cover letter with your manuscript/query.

Your COVER LETTER should not be an attachment, but rather included in the body of the email. It should include:

  • A short story description
  • Word count & genre story might be shelved in
  • Short author bio, mentioning publishing history or relevant background
  • 2-3 sentences telling us the story’s inspiration
  • Your contact information along with social media links.

Your COVER LETTER should hook us and leave us wanting to know more … about you and your story. Your email should be titled:

  • Subject Line: “First Initial/Last Name_Genre/Category_Title”

Your MANUSCRIPT should be attached ONLY AS A WORD DOCUMENT or PDF FILE! Please NO Google docs or Mac Pages or One Note docs-these will be discarded. Manuscripts should be:

  • Typed/Double-spaced
  • 12 point font
  • Margins (at least 1” all around)
  • Page numbers in bottom right hand corners
  • Proofread & spell check EVERYTHING

*WE DO NOT READ SUBMISSIONS SENT VIA SNAIL MAIL. Please do NOT mail us your entry. It will be discarded.

**Please do not include art/illustrations, unless you are an author-illustrator.

***Please do NOT call or email about the status of your submission.

****We do not respond to queries if directions are not followed.


Send us your manuscript!