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Hello and Thank you for your interest in submitting to Little Lamb Books!

We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions due to COVID-19.

If you are a children’s or YA author interested in submitting your faith-based manuscript, please continue reading our Submissions Guidelines and our new annual submissions open dates to determine if your story is a good fit with our company. Thank you!


Due to COVID and the amount of submissions we receive, we have changed our submission window. As of November 2020, we are open to new, unagented submissions three (3) times each year:

  • February 1-March 1
  • June 1- June 30
  • November 1 – November 30.

A reminder that submissions should only be for faith-based elementary, middle grade, and young adult fiction. In non-fiction, we are specifically looking for holiday and devotional entries. Please read and follow our Submission Guidelines when you query. Thank you!


We prefer that you include a strong cover letter with your manuscript/query. Your cover letter should hook us and leave us wanting to know more. Be sure you include your name and contact information and social links as well as the title of your book, word count, and genre somewhere in the query.

  • Subject Line: “First Initial/Last Name_Genre/Category_Title”
  • Double-spaced
  • 12 point font
  • Margins (at least 1” all around)
  • Page numbers in bottom right hand corners
  • Proofread & spell check EVERYTHING


Send us your manuscript!