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Why I Write For Kids by Tori Higa

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! So, we’re sharing them on our blog all summer. […]

Now Hiring: Little Lamb Books Fall Internships 2020

An internship at Little Lamb Books provides an opportunity to work inside an independent trade publishing house and learn some of the behind-the-scenes details that moves a children’s book from manuscript to finished product. Our need for one or more […]

Shop Little Lamb Books Online

When you’re a parent looking for fresh content for your children, you want the convenience of shopping online as well as help finding wholesome and clean content that your children will enjoy reading and that you can trust. But, who […]

Fourth Of July 2020!

Happy Fourth of July to one and all from Little Lamb Books!   “Then join, hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.” – John Dickinson

Why I Write For Children by Jean Petersen

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! So, we’re sharing them on our blog this summer. […]

Little Lamb Books KICKSTARTER Campaign Begins!

If you’ve been following Little Lamb Books for any length of time, you know that we publish fresh, entertaining, and faith-filled picture books, chapter books, and YA titles, including the award-winning young adult series Rise of the Anointed by Jason C. Joyner. The past […]

What Inspires Me to Write for Children by Debbie Spence

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! So, we’re sharing them on our blog during June […]

Why I Write Children’s Books by Janelle Higdon

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! If you missed the previous posts you can read […]

Why I Write Children’s Books by Shelly Roark

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! If you missed the previous posts you can read […]

Why I Write for Children by Michelle Medlock Adams

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! If you missed the previous posts you can read […]

Happy Memorial Day 2020

We give thanks for the bravery and the sacrifice of the many men and women who served in our Armed Forces. In honor of true Heroes, today and every day, we remember.  “Just as the Son of Man did not […]

Little Lamb Books Kids Drawing Contest 2020

Hey Little Lamb Books readers! While students are wrapping up the end of school and families are gearing up for summer, we thought what better way to enjoy the last few moments in the month of May than to host […]

Why I Write Children’s Books by Jean Matthew Hall

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! If you missed the previous posts you can read […]

Your Monday Muse May 2020 – Claire Ryann Crosby (ft. David Crosby)

Hey Friends! Praying that you are all safe and well! Just wanted to reach out and let you know that Your Monday Muse is going to going on a summer hiatus and will return this Fall 2020. We have been […]

Why I Write Children’s Books by Amberly Kristen Clowe

We’re continuing our series this week with insight and inspiration from our fourteen authors. We asked each of them a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! […]

Why I Write Young Adult Books by Jason C. Joyner

We’re continuing our series this month with insight and inspiration from our authors by asking each of them a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? We loved their answers and we think you will too! We […]

Your Monday Muse May 2020-for KING & COUNTRY (ft. Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly)

We. Are. In. This. Together. Some states, cities, and counties are opening. Some states, cities, and counties are staying closed. Some families are seeing each other. Some families are still separated. Some businesses are moving forward. Some businesses are closing […]

Why I Write Children’s Books by Janet Christensen

As we kick-off a new month, we wanted to give you some insight and inspiration from our authors. We asked each of our authors a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? We loved their answers and […]

Your Monday Muse May 2020-Plumb

This weekend our family spent time outside as much as possible – pulling weeds, running through the sprinkler, sweeping off the patios, mowing, chalking the sidewalk. We even had a picnic. It was a balanced time of work and play. […]

In Our Notes…Illustrator Olya Badulina

Each time we bring a story to life as a picture book, we feel very blessed to work with some of the most talented artists in the world. These lovely women and men make our goal of having beautiful, colorful, […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-MercyMe

It’s the last Monday of April. Who needs some HAPPY? 🙂 “The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.” Psalm 118:24


Each time we begin working on one of our picture books, the goal is to have beautiful, colorful, and amazing artwork that will capture the reader’s imagination while also moving the story along from page to page. We love introducing […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Avalon

Happy Monday Friends! Who else heard a wonderful message from their church/pastor this weekend that has invigorated you? We were reading out of Psalm 107 and it was uplifting to know that God didn’t mind that the Israelites kept having […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Switch

Mondays y’all. Can I get an Amen? Do you ever wonder what the disciples were feeling the day after Easter Sunday? Like, what can follow that? They saw Jesus crucified and buried, then they found out He did exactly what […]

Happy Easter 2020!

  Wishing you all an Easter full of peace, joy, and blessings!  “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29  

Calling the Cows: An Easter Story

When I was growing up, I had the joy of getting to visit my grandparents on their farm in Tennessee for family vacations. They had nearly 200 acres of woods, pasture, creeks, a barn, and a curious spring house. The […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Church of the City (ft. Jon Reddick)

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23 There’s Hope. Hope in the morning. Hope in the evening. Hope because you’re living. Hope because you’re breathing. Hope in the breaking. Hope […]

Word of the Year 2020 Update

Each year I pick a word for the year. I pray the Lord will show me what I need to focus more on, push for, and utilize for our family, our home, our business, and our faith. I remember when […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Jordan Feliz

I know this Monday is hard. It’s another week of uncertainty and worry and waiting. Have Faith. I know it’s tough to miss family, to be separated and apart, to feel alone and lonely. Have Faith. I know it’s difficult […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Natalie Grant

When you wake up today, you may be hard pressed to smile. You may feel weighted down by the battle going on in the world around us. There is sickness and disease. There is panic and fear. There are arguments […]

Christian Children’s Books by Little Lamb Books Authors

Hi Friends! We know you are scrambling for materials and we hope you’ve enjoyed our suggest content schedule for adding structure to your day as well as the activity links listing we shared this week. We obviously know that you are trying to find what works […]

Activity Learning Links for Home Bound Families

You guys! There are so many great ideas for how to help your kids stay busy and LEARN during their time off from school, but finding those ideas can feel time-consuming and overwhelming. So, we wanted to help you out […]

How to Create a Schedule at Home During Covid-19

Hi Y’All! We know Spring Break has been extended for most schools around the country, which means that for many families, including our own, kids of all ages are unexpectedly back at home before or after family plans have been […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Gateway Worship (Ft. Zac Rowe)

How quickly our world has been changed since our last post. We knew a week ago that things were spinning out of control and that there was a new urgency to our days, but we couldn’t know that schools would […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Neon Feather (Ft. Chris Cron)

The enemy would like nothing more than to fill us full of fear and keep us away from church and away from God. He wants us to live life afraid of what is coming at us, and if you watch […]

Welcome Our New Children’s Author – Patti Richards!

As authors submit their queries to Little Lamb Books, they often wonder what we think, and if we don’t reply within a matter of a few weeks or even a few months they may worry that their manuscript is bad […]

Welcome Our New Children’s Author – Tori Higa!

Hi Friends! We haven’t had an author announcement in eight months, so I’m very excited to be able to share with you TWO announcements this week! YAY! Every now and then a manuscript comes comes across my desk that carries […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Mandisa (Ft. Britt Nicole)

Hey Friends! It’s March 2! Whaaaattt?! Spring is on it’s way & summer is right around the corner. Even if the sun isn’t shining in your area of the world, you can still rejoice in the LORD today! It’s time […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Jonny Diaz

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. We are entrusted with these sweet lives, but sometimes we can feel like everything we do is for naught. If you’re Monday is off to a rough start already, please remember that […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Micah Tyler

Like many of you, our family is fighting the germs of winter. We wash our hands. We rest. We take vitamins. We eat well. Still, we are facing illness. It made me think about what a parallel this season is […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Love and the Outcome

How many of us can count on one hand the number of people we can truly count on at any given time in our lives? Friends? Family? Co-Workers? Who do you call when your world is shifting, falling, overwhelming? How […]

Your Monday Muse 2020-Sidewalk Prophets

Sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to smile on a Monday, but let’s count our blessings for this first Monday of February 2020, shall we? A roof over our heads. A warm bed to sleep in. A meal, cold […]


In the past, I never really had a problem with setting resolutions for the new year. I loved the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings. Every time January rolled around, I would pull out a fresh tablet (of paper […]

Your Monday Muse December 2019-Amy Grant

As we enter the last week of 2019, what blessings are you counting this year? What moments are you remembering and giving thanks for? There’s so much to be thankful for even in the midst of difficult situations, tight finances, […]

Merry Christmas From Little Lamb Books

We’ll be spending Christmas Day with our families, but we want to pause and wish you all a day filled with joy, hope, and peace. We are blessed and thankful for each of our authors and illustrators, contractors, retailers, and readers […]

Your Monday Muse December 2019-Michael Bublé

Silent Night, Holy Night. All is calm, All is bright. “When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said […]

Announcement: Little Lamb Books Changing Distribution

As we wrap up 2019, I am super excited about the future of Little Lamb Books, however, I wanted to let you know of a change that is taking place that may impact your ability to find some of our […]

Your Monday Muse December 2019-Chris Tomlin (ft. Lauren Daigle)

According to Merrium Webster, the word Noel is French, and “it can be traced further back to the Latin word natalis, which can mean “birthday” as a noun or “of or relating to birth” as an adjective.” How lovely to know […]

Your Monday Muse December 2019-Michael W. Smith (ft. Carrie Underwood)

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever recorded. I’ve been listening to Michael W. Smith since my days in youth group, and Carrie Underwood is one of our family’s favorite singers. They are both amazing artists, and the […]

Your Monday Muse December 2019-For King and Country

Christmas inspires our faith and our hearts. Hallelujah! As we enter this most special of seasons, let’s remember that Christmas is a gift God gave to the whole world. He shared his only son with us. He gifted us a baby […]

Your Monday Muse November 2019-Elevation Worship

As we enter this week of festivities and family, travel and eating yummy food, let’s remember to give thanks to our Heavenly Father, the author and perfecter of our faith. We give HIM thanks for our blessings in the midst […]

The 12 Best Christmas Albums to Download This Year

You know we LOVE music, and that every Monday we offer you a soundbite in the form of Your Monday Muse to jump start your day and inspire your faith. Well, in a short time, we will be inundated by […]

Your Monday Muse November 2019-Matthew West

Just in case you were wondering… He never walks away. He never leaves us alone. He never quits. He never abandons us. He won’t turn away, won’t be embarrassed, won’t be ashamed. There’s no sin, no shame, no doubt, no […]

#FaithPitch is Moving

Hey Friends! We just wanted to let you know that #FaithPitch is moving…to it’s very own website. YAY! After three years of events and with three events a year, we decided it was time to give #FaithPitch it’s very own […]

Thank You Veterans!

  Today, Veterans Day, we honor the millions of men and women of our Armed Forces and give thanks for their service at home and abroad. We are grateful for the days, months, and years you were separated from your […]

Your Monday Muse November 2019-Switchfoot (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

Our Words Matter.  We can build others up or we can tear them down. We can shine light or we can share in darkness. We can bring joy or we can bring heartbreak. Our Words Matter. We may call ourselves […]

Your Monday Muse November 2019-Mandisa

It’s the beginning of November …   The month we focus on giving thanks …   The start of the holidays season …   So, who needs some good, good news?   Ready for it?   Are you sure?   […]

Your Monday Muse October 2019-Sanctus Real

Contributed by Soleil Boudon, Little Lamb Books Intern When was the last time that your passion was on fire?  Days, weeks, years ago? When a child is still learning, their boundaries, emotions and passions tend to be all or nothing […]

Your Monday Muse October 2019-Building 429

Last night was a bit of a wild ride. We are praying over our local friends who were in the path of a tornado, and we are giving thanks for safety and God’s protection as the wind howled, the hail […]

Kind Soup by Jean Petersen

Happy Book Birthday to our latest picture book release this fall! Kind Soup is a yummy treasure that will encourage and inspire families to take part in acts of kindness for generations to come. Written by author Jean Petersen and illustrated by Janet […]

Your Monday Muse October 2019-Lincoln Brewster

Contributed by Soleil Bourdon, Little Lamb Books intern We live in a world where time is something we try our best to control. Planners. Calendars. Phones with calendars. But, in the end, it is out of our hands. We can’t […]

Your Monday Muse October 2019-Jason Gray

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the last 5-6 weeks of work. Project meetings and calls. Editing. To do lists and deadlines. Managing. Research and consulting. It’s been many early mornings and late nights to stay on top of all. the. […]

Your Monday Muse September 2019-Jesus Culture (ft Kim Walker-Smith)

Between Genesis and Revelations, the Bible references water 722 times. The topics where it’s referenced vary from baptisms to storms and from purification or to quenching thirst. Rivers. Fountains. Wells. Oceans. Springs. Floods. When we are going through the storms […]

God’s Blessings of Fall by Jean Matthew Hall

Happy Book Birthday to our third picture book release of September! God’s Blessings of Fall, a gorgeously illustrated picture book that kids and parents will enjoy reading again and again this season! Written by debut children’s author Jean Matthew Hall […]

Your Monday Muse September 2019-Cody Barnes

Nothing Else! Just Jesus! He is the same today and everyday! He is trustworthy. He is peaceful. He is kind. He is gentle. He is loving. He is faithful. He is strong. He is generous. He is understanding. He never […]

Happy 4th Birthday, Little Lamb Books!

Hip, Hip Hooray! It’s time to bake a cake and toss around some confetti and streamers because it’s our FOURTH birthday! Four years ago today, Little Lamb Books was founded with the mission of creating entertaining and inspiring faith-based fiction for […]

Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo by Shelly Roark

Happy Book Birthday to our second picture book release this month! Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo, a bright and colorful picture book that is a fun read for kids and parents, is the second picture book from award-winning author Shelly Roark. […]

Your Monday Muse September 2019-Meredith Andrews (ft. Cody Ray Lee & Abbie Simmons)

The past four years of our publishing company have been absolutely filled with FAITH and WONDER as we worked to bring books to market that would honor our Heavenly Father and inspire the next generation. There have been so many […]

18 Septembers Ago

Do you remember where you were? Do you remember what you were doing? Do you remember how you felt? I know I do. Surrounded by the chaos of students on picture day at a local middle school where I was […]

Your Monday Muse September 2019-Elevation Worship (ft Tauren Wells)

“When night has fallen When fear is common Still you’re calling me When faith is lost and My hope exhausted You will be my strength When my mind says I’m not good enough God you’re enough For me I’ve decided […]

Good Night, Fireflies by Janet L. Christensen

What better way to kick-off our Birthday Month than to release a brand new picture book! Wahooo! We are super excited to share with you this delightful picture book that can be read in the classroom, in Sunday school, or […]

Your Monday Muse September 2019-Rhett Walker Band

Say Hello to a Brand New Day! Say Hello to Your Neighbor, Friends and Family! Say Hello to Jesus! Say Hello to Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control! (Galatians 2:22-23)!

Your Monday Muse August 2019-Koryn Hawthorne (ft. Natalie Grant)

Your name is given to you by your parents. You don’t get to choose it. It’s a gift. And, it’s how others know you, identify you, and how they speak to you and call out to you. But, have you […]

Your Monday Muse August 2019-We Are Messengers

Good Morning! As everyone starts back to school, we wanted to share this reminder…We have the POWER of Jesus Christ with us each and every day! Nervous about your classes? You’ve got His POWER. Struggling with your job? You’ve got […]

Your Monday Muse August 2019-Bethel Music

As our youth head back to school, it’s important that we pray over them every day to make kind, loving, and bold choices and to shine bright for Jesus. And so… We pray for JOY in the face of sadness. Psalm […]

Your Monday Muse August 2019-Hannah Kerr

When the Israelites were escaping Egypt and being chased by an arrogant Pharaoh and six hundred of his soldiers (Exodus 14), they came face to face with the Red Sea, and in that moment they felt despair and doubt. They […]

How to Write What You Know

Written by Olivia Smit, Little Lamb Books Intern If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the familiar writing advice “Write What You Know”. This particular piece of advice is one of the first things I […]

Your Monday Muse July 2019-Micah Tyler

Contribution by Kayla Landis, Little Lamb Books Intern There are certain situations in life, like health problems or a family member’s salvation, where you pray for so long that it feels as though God is never going to answer you. […]


Hey Everyone! Happy Christmas in July! This seems like a great time to introduce to you a new author in our Little Lamb Books family, especially since this author’s book will be a Christmas title! Please help us welcome children’s […]

12 Screen-Free Family Activities

Written by Soleil Bourdon, Little Lamb Books intern The meaning of “face time” has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. Previous generations knew face time as time spent together in person. Today’s young families see it as […]

Your Monday Muse July 2019-Lauren Daigle

Contribution by Soleil Bourdon, Little Lamb Books Intern Our thoughts so often bog us down. Surrounding us with lies about ourselves, affecting the way we act, speak and think. We allow the negativity to become a normal thing, but that’s […]

Your Monday Muse July 2019-All Sons and Daughters

Contributed by Olivia Smit, Little Lamb Books intern This is your friendly Monday reminder that we all need Jesus! May you be blessed today – whether you’re walking through a season of harvest or drought, trust or doubt, know that […]

Your Monday Muse July 2019-For King and Country

Contribution by Soleil Bourdon, Little Lamb Books Intern So often we try to hide away the struggles we daily face. When we look at others we see them living their lives so carefree, we begin to think that our problems […]

Happy Fourth of July 2019!

Happy Birthday America! Thankful for the truth in these words: Freedom. Courage. Faith.  America. Blessed.

5 Fun Fourth of July Family Activities

Written by Kayla Landis, Little Lamb Books intern The biggest holiday of the summer is the Fourth of July. It is a great way to bring community and family together to celebrate the birthday of our country and the freedoms […]

Your Monday Muse July 2019-Jonny Diaz

Contributed by Kayla Landis, Little Lamb Books intern Life is hectic. It can sometimes feel like the stress is taking over, and you have nowhere to turn. You end up doing task after task finding that there is not enough […]

Summer Reading Bingo

Sometimes in the summer, it’s easy to forget about reading. There’s sleeping in and lazy days. There’s parks to visit and swimming to do. There’s travel to camps and family time. And, of course, for many kiddos around the country, […]


The second half of 2019 is going to be a colorful (and busy) one for us at Little Lamb Books! We are blessed to share the beautiful cover of Good Night, Fireflies, the debut picture book by Janet L. Christensen […]

Your Monday Muse June 2019-I Am They

Contribution by Olivia Smit, Little Lamb Books Intern Sometimes, when life chucks a curveball in your face, like a job loss or a friendship ending, it can be hard to understand what God is doing or why He has placed […]

Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo Cover Reveal!

We are super excited to share there the second picture book from award-winning author Shelly Roark is titled Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo and we have a cover! WAHOOOOO! Beautifully illustrated by Simone Krüger, who illustrated six-time award winning picture […]

Your Monday Muse June 2019-Planetshakers

How can you change your atmosphere this week? What can you do to make your week one of praise from Monday to Friday? Turn it up! Turn up your worship! Raise your voices! Turn up your prayer! Make it louder! […]

Happy Birthday Author Amberly Kristen Clowe!

Happy Birthday to our fun, friendly, and award-winning author Amberly Kristen Clowe! Amberly is the creator of the Teeny Sweeney series and we are so excited to announce that not only will Book 2, Teeny Sweeney and the Cousin Calamity, […]

Introducing Our Summer 2019 Interns

Summer 2019 is here with a bit of rain, but we’re feeling quite sunny because for the next ten weeks we are excited to work with our three new Little Lamb Books interns: Olivia, Kayla, and Soleil!   We were excited […]

Your Monday Muse June 2019-Kutless

Who needs a pick me up today? Here’s your afternoon encouragement! You got this! “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14  

Your Monday Muse May 2019-Hillary Scott (and the Scott Family)

It’s sometimes the most difficult question to answer. God’s Will. It’s often the scariest prayer to pray. God’s Will. It’s likely the hardest action to take. God’s Will. It is always our best choice. God’s Will. “In their hearts humans […]

Welcome Our New Children’s Author-Janelle Higdon!

We have been hosting #FaithPitch for three years this June. When we do this event, we invite a variety of CBA agents and editors interested in faith-based fiction and non-fiction to join us. We never know who will be in attendance, […]


Contribution by Amberly Kristen Clowe, author of the award-winning Teeny Sweeney early chapter book series   “So the writer who breeds more words than he needs Is making a chore for the reader who reads.”  -Dr. Seuss I’m a big […]

Your Monday Muse May 2019-Tenth Avenue North

When we started Little Lamb Books, we were full of joy and excitement and the future seemed endless. And, then a year into the process of building our company, reality set in and brought with it an overwhelming set of […]

Your Monday Muse May 2019-Francesca Battistelli

There’s always stuff. Small Stuff. Big Stuff. Moving Stuff. Work Stuff. Friend Stuff. School Stuff. Simple Stuff. Make you crazy stuff. Remember: When, it’s all around you and you can’t see your way through … God’s in all the stuff. […]

Your Monday Muse April 2019-Phil Wickham

He’s rewriting our stories. He’s making us new. He’s listening for our prayers. He’s waiting to carry us. He’s searching our hearts. He’s searching for us. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and […]

Top 5 Yummy Easter Desserts

Easter is such a special holiday weekend, but sometimes coming up with ideas for a yummy dessert is hard … especially for those of us who are NOT baking-inclined (Sorry Mom!). So, we searched online a bit and rounded up […]

Your Monday Muse April 2019-Michael W. Smith (ft. Vanessa Campagna & Madelyn Berry)

How many times a day do you feel like you are stuck in quicksand? Sometimes it can feel quite like you are sinking and all alone while it seems that everyone around you is moving forward. Maybe your marriage is […]

Confessions of a Children’s Book Author … Research

Contribution by Darlo Gemeinhardt, author of the soon-to-be released middle grade K9 Crossroads series Research is a key component of being a writer, even a writer of children’s books. While traditionally, historical novels may require more research than contemporary novels, […]


Happy Birthday to our author and resident cook extraordinaire Jean Petersen! We are blessed to be publishing Jean’s newest picture book titled Kind Soup arriving this Fall! Here’s Five Fun Facts about Jean:  Jean lives on a ranch with her four […]

Your Monday Muse April 2019-Jamie Grace

Happy Monday! Write. Sing. Learn. Travel. Give. Dance. Hug. Laugh. Cry. Share. Pray Love. Live. Do Life Big Y’All! “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks […]

Now Hiring: Little Lamb Books Interns

Y’all! It’s going to be a busy summer and fall, and to get ready for all the exciting things we have happening, we are seeking a few good interns. Little Lamb Books publishes award-winning, faith-based fiction and non-fiction for elementary, […]

Fourteen Things I Always Pack for Conferences

In the past three years I have traveled more than ever before in my adult life. From North Carolina to New York and Chicago to Austin, my travel miles have been growing and I don’t see it slowing down any […]


As previously mentioned (here), we signed three (3) new authors in the first quarter, and it’s time to introduce our newest addition. Please help us welcome children’s author Amanda Flinn and get to know all about her by visiting her website […]

Your Monday Muse April 2019-Chris Tomlin

We received a really good reminder from our pastor this weekend…and it’s a bit deep…are you ready for it? Temporary things satisfy us temporarily. But, God’s love and salvation fulfill us forever. Only our Heavenly Father can satisfy our needs, […]


Happy Birthday to our wise as an owl author Jean Matthew Hall! We are thankful and blessed to be working with Jean on her debut titles that make up the God’s Creation series. This delightfully illustrated four-book series focuses on […]

Your Monday Muse March 2019-Lincoln Brewster

Today is a new day! Rejoice! Be Glad!  No matter what you are facing or feeling today, God is with you today and all week through! Rejoice and Be Glad! “This is the day the LORD has made. We will […]


As previously mentioned (here), we signed three (3) new authors this quarter, so it’s time to introduce another new face from our Little Lamb Books family of authors. Please help us welcome children’s author Ashley L. Jones and read more about […]

Your Monday Muse March 2019-Toby Mac

He’s in the spring flowers preparing to bloom. He’s in the waves that splash on the sandy beach. He’s in the sun shining bright after the dark and stormy night. He’s in the smiles of children at play. He’s in […]

Confessions of a Children’s Book Author … About Critique Groups

Contribution by Jean Matthew Hall, author of the soon-to-be released God’s Creation Series As a writer, especially one that is just getting started, we often hear from agents, editors, and fellow authors that joining a critique group is important and […]

Your Monday Muse March 2019-Newsboys

Can you feel it? Do you hear it? Have you tasted it? Do you see it? Can you smell it? Faith is often about trusting that God is who He says He is in His Word. And, as a believer walking in our current […]

Your Monday Muse March 2019-The Afters

When God called David to slay Goliath, he was just a shepherd boy keeping watch over his father’s flock in the fields of Bethlehem. He was the youngest of eight siblings, and he was sent on an errand by his father […]

Welcome Our New Author-Debbie Spence!

 After being closed to new submissions for three months (!), we at Little Lamb Books are excited to share the wonderful news that we have signed several new authors to our roster for 2019! Today, we are thrilled to introduce […]

Your Monday Muse February 2019-Danny Gokey

As you start a new week, you may not see it with your own eyes, but have faith…GOD is moving on your behalf.  All the hard work. All the time. All the words. All the plans. All the parenting. All […]

Confessions of a Children’s Book Author … About Author Visits

Contribution by Shelly Roark, award-winning children’s author of The Bubble Who Would Not POP! Want to know the best part about penning a children’s story? Reading it to your audience … KIDS! That’s why after your book is published, the […]

Your Monday Muse February 2019-Caitie Hurst

Happy Monday! Let’s celebrate our faith today! He washed away our sins. He gives us joy unmeasurable. He loves us unconditionally. He gives us underserving grace every moment of every day. He gave His own life to save us. How can […]

Your Monday Muse February 2019- Natalie Grant

Starting something new is challenging. It requires us to lay down our fears and move out of the background in order to effect change. We may not feel qualified or experienced enough. Or, we may believe that we can’t really […]

Your Monday Muse January 2019-Rend Collective

Who needs to hear Good News today? *waving hand wildly We are inundated daily with news that is the opposite of good. It’s hard to shut it out and shut it off. But, there is Good News.  Found in the […]

Word of the Year 2019

I have always been one that likes fresh starts. New school supplies in August? Yes, please! New books from my favorite bookstore? Of course! New workout clothes to inspire my health goals? Let’s Do It! New planners to write all […]

Your Monday Muse January 2019-Need to Breathe (with JohnnySwim)

As you move through your day, your week, your month, you may feel uncertain. You might feel despair, lost in the constant barrage of the negative, the noise, the pain that the world is feeling around you. We can’t see […]

Your Monday Muse January 2019-JJ Heller

God has granted us another brand new year. This year let’s love more, fight less. This year let’s focus on Jesus more, us less. This year let’s take leaps of faith more, fear less. This year let’s celebrate more, isolate […]

Your Monday Muse January 2019-Carrollton

Happy New Year! It’s the first Monday of January 2019!  A great time to step into the calling God has on your life and move forward with what He has equipped you to accomplish. “I press on toward the goal […]

Merry Christmas One and All!

“An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy […]

Author’s Corner: Christmas Lights

Guest Post by Jean Matthew Hall, a Little Lamb Books author Do you enjoy driving around looking at the Christmas lights? So festive and colorful! Occasionally, you can spot a manger scene or a Star of David near a roof […]

C is for Christmas Word Scramble (Day 9)

It’s probably a bit obvious that we like LOVE word games, and here’s another one for Day 9 of our 12 Days of C is for Christmas! It’s fun for all ages and all the words come from somewhere in […]


Happy Birthday to the ever beautiful and full of grace Janet L. Christensen! We are blessed to be working with Janet and to release her debut picture book called Goodnight Firefly arriving for Summer 2019! Here’s Five Fun Facts about […]

C is for Christmas Jesus Name Chain (Day 8)

It’s time to get crafty for Day 8 of the 12 Days of C is for Christmas as you make a Names for Jesus Advent Chain leading up to Christmas Day. Couple of things you’ll need: Two Different Colors of […]

C is for Christmas Book Discussion Questions (Day 7)

We know that the days leading up to Christmas as well as the last few weeks of school before the Christmas break can be tough for kids and teachers and, yes, even parents. There are lots of distractions and busyness […]

Author’s Corner: A Small, Single Light

Guest blog by Janet Christensen, a Little Lamb Books author One of my little guys has never liked the dark.  In fact, if we packed up to take a weekend trip away from home without packing a nightlight, you could […]


On the 6th Day of C is for Christmas, the Little Lamb Books team gave to you….One Awesome Word Search for FREE! Check it out!     We are having loads of fun with our 12 Days of C is for […]


It’s Day 5 of our 12 Days of C is for Christmas, and since there’s only 14 days left (!!!) until the big day, we thought it’s time to share our Letter to Santa. Who doesn’t love writing their wish […]


It’s Day 4 of our 12 Days of C is for Christmas! So far we’ve offered you an Advent calendar full of family activities and a brand new holiday playlist via Spotify (it’s really good!) and a Fill-in-the-Blank printable. These […]

Your Monday Muse-Our Top 12 Christmas Albums

We want to help you out. Yes, you. By now, you’re probably quite tired of hearing the same renditions of all the Christmas classics they play on rotation every hour. So are we. And, it’s frustrating that the malls, the […]

In Our Notes…Illustrator Louise Hargreaves

We have been sharing quite a bit about our holiday picture book C is for Christmas and Michelle Medlock Adams, the book’s fabulous author, but we wanted to take some time today to introduce you to the amazingly talented illustrator […]

C is for Christmas Fill-in-the-Blank Printable (Day 3)

It’s Day 3 of our 12 Days of C is for Christmas! So far we’ve offered you an Advent calendar full of family activities and a brand new holiday playlist via Spotify (it’s really good!). Next up, we’re offering a […]

C is for Christmas Playlist (Day 2)

If you downloaded our Advent calendar, you know that we are hosting 12 Days of C is for Christmas Giveaways to go along with the release of our brand new holiday picture book C is for Christmas from author Michelle […]

Your Monday Muse-Pentatonix

She was just one person. A teen planning to marry, getting her things in order. She didn’t ask to be drawn into this story of redemption, of sacrifice, of love. She was ordinary and simple. Not looking for the spotlight, […]

The 12 Days of C is for Christmas

We love getting into the spirit of the Christmas season and remembering that family together can be fun and random acts of kindness are a great way to honor the real Reason for the Season. We also love our brand […]

#FaithPitch 2019 News

2019 is right around the corner (like in 32 days), and after our terrific turnout for the November event, we are now looking ahead to the new season of #FaithPitch. We started hosting #FaithPitch in 2016, and at that time we […]

5 Christ-Centered Alternatives to Elf on the Shelf

As we enter the Christmas season, many of us with younger children are looking for ways to enhance the holiday wait time and impart the real meaning of the season. While there is a great deal of attention given to […]

Your Monday Muse-Chris Tomlin (Ft. Lauren Daigle)

Christmas is Coming! The Angels Sang. The Shepherds Journeyed. The Kings Gifted. Hallelujah, the Babe was Born. As you return to work and school…as the days pass and you feel overwhelmed with the celebrations, recitals, and to do lists…tuck Noel […]

We Give Thanks For You!

Before we sit down to our individual tables and feast with our families, we wanted to pause and say THANK YOU to you, the community that blesses our company and our authors. You bless us in many ways. We are thankful […]

Release Day: C is for Christmas

We are delighted to announce the release of the our very first holiday picture book for children called C is for Christmas* by award-winning and bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams!   A is for Angels, B is for Birthday, C is […]

Your Monday Muse-Nichole Nordeman

Happy Thanksgiving Week! “Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:26 We are thankful for each and every one of you who follow us on social media, support our authors, purchase our books, and greet us […]

Happy Birthday Author Michelle Medlock Adams!

Happy Birthday to the lovely Michelle Medlock Adams! We are super thrilled to release her brand new holiday picture book, C is for Christmas, Tuesday, November 20! Here’s Five Fun Facts about Michelle: She’s been married to her high school […]

Your Monday Muse-Third Day

She loves this song, my daughter. She’s seven and every time she hears it playing, she sings the chorus out loud for all to hear. Her soul is on fire for Jesus. She loves to worship and she shines for […]

To NaNo or Not To NaNo

Guest blog by Jason C. Joyner, a Little Lamb Books author NaNoWriMo, to the uninitiated, is the National Novel Writing Month. Each November writers are encouraged to plant themselves in a chair and crank out a 50,000 word novel. It’s […]

Your Monday Muse-Natalie Grant

More than politics. More than entertainment. More than the job. More than the grades. More than popularity. More than being trendy. More than winning. More than the number of friends. More than the number of likes. More than the presents […]

Our #19Before2019

There are less than two months before the end of another year. For some of us, it means it’s a time of energy and efficiency as we start checking things off the to do list made at the beginning of […]

Your Monday Muse-Switchfoot

“And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.” I Corinthians 13:13 We are all seeking…searching for our path, our calling, our best next steps. The uncertainty in our journey can be enough […]

Author’s Corner: Life Lessons From My Garden

Guest blog by Jean Petersen, a Little Lamb Books author Each time I go my garden, I’m excited to lift the oversized leaves of one of the growing vegetable plants.  I feel like a kid in a candy store when […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’ve been a follower of ours for the last few years, you know from my posts here and here that our family was touched by this horrible disease in a very close and […]

Your Monday Muse-Building 429

Life isn’t simple, is it? It’s not just Mondays that are hard, it’s every single day we walk out our faith. As humans we face a variety of challenges on all levels from personal to financial and from professional to […]

Author’s Corner: I Love Fall

Guest Blog by Amberly Kristen Clowe, a Little Lamb Books author I love fall. I love that first snap of crisp air. I love the rich, warm browns and reds. I love the upcoming holiday excitement. But, for me, fall […]

20 Encouraging Quotes For Writers

We all know that writing can be hard. It’s a process, a journey, and a challenge that can feel overwhelming or discouraging at times. Want the good news? You’re not alone. Even famous bestselling authors started at the bottom and […]

Your Monday Muse-Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes

Lately, it’s hard to turn on the television, open your email, or, yes, even listen to the radio without being overwhelmed by the negative, indecision, and unrest. We are in a battle with the enemy, who is trying to create […]

Happy Birthday Author Darlo Gemeinhardt!

Happy Birthday to our author, Darlo Gemeinhardt! Her middle-grade mystery, Abra-Cadaver Dog, will be released Fall 2019! Here’s Five Fun Facts about Darlo: Her favorite choice of beverage is Sprite. She works with the TALLACO K-9 Search and Rescue trainining […]

Pre-Order C is for Christmas Now!

Pre-ordering a new book is great, especially when it’s for Christmas! When you pre-order and then it arrives on your doorstep as soon as the book releases, it’s like receiving an early birthday present … when it’s not even your birthday! […]

Your Monday Muse-Rend Collective

Each night as I tuck in my sweet child, we say our nighttime prayers, have a sip of water, give hugs and kisses, and as I leave the room I remind her to count her blessings from the day. I […]

Happy Birthday Author Shelly Roark!

Happy Birthday to Shelly Roark, four-time award-winning author of the delightful picture book, The Bubble Who Would Not POP! Here’s Five Fun Facts about Shelly: She graduated from Baylor University. She listens to Christmas music year-round! She is a very […]

Jesus is Our Door

I have a fascination with doors. Yes, doors. The entrances and exits to homes, cars, and other structures that we take for granted because they’re always there. Yet, whenever I’m traveling or even just out and about, if I see […]

Your Monday Muse-Lauren Daigle

In a world full of more opportunities for love and kindness than ever before, we are actually a world currently overwhelmed with turmoil and conflict. Where is God? Friends and family arguing over politics and policies. Where is God? School […]

18 Reasons We Love Fall

We live in Texas. So, generally speaking, we have two seasons…summer and, well, okay, just one season. However, every now and then we get a few days of autumn thrown in with cooler temps and balmy winds before winter tries […]

Happy Birthday Jason C. Joyner!

Happy Birthday to Jason C. Joyner, author of the young adult novel, Launch, Rise of the Anointed Book 1! Here’s Five Fun Facts about Jason: He has a black cat named Anakin. He has TWO Bachelor Degrees. He loves Hot […]

Your Monday Muse-Sarah Reeves

We were created in our Heavenly Father’s image. Unique. One-of-a-Kind. No one else like us. We see our friends filtered lives on social media and we wonder why our lives aren’t as glossy. We attend a birthday party and look […]

Birthday Week Wrap-Up

Wow! Yesterday was amazing!  Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes and poems. So many good vibes and smiles! Thank you to everyone who shared a memory with us. We loved hearing those stores! Thank you to all who […]

We’re Turning Three!

It’s Here! WAHOOO! Our 3rd Birthday is here! It’s time to celebrate! Celebrating a hobby child business turning three is such a fun because we can reflect on the growth in our physical presence, our social interactions, our vocabulary and industry […]

Happy Labor Day!

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” I Corinthians 15:58 (NIV) Blessings […]

Pardon Our Mess!

We love sharing our blog with you, however, just like when we start fresh in a new year, it’s time for our company to make some updates to our website, blog, and more as we prepare for new titles and […]

Your Monday Muse-Steven Curtis Chapman

Contributed by Alyssa Roat, Intern Sometimes life seems so tedious. Where did that pile of laundry come from? Didn’t I just do the dishes? Thirty new messages in my inbox – How? There are so many unglamorous parts of life. […]

Top 5 Ways To Spread the Love of the Books You Love

Guest Blog by Alyssa Roat, Intern When we fall in love with a book, our first instinct is to tell everyone about it. “You should read this!” But how often do we consider the authors behind the book? Maybe we […]

Hello August!

Oh, August, why must you tease us so?! August is the middle ground between the end of summer and start of fall. It teases us with long, warm days (where swimming is still a daily activity here in the South), […]

Your Monday Muse-Casting Crowns

Contributed by Alyssa Roat, Intern There are a lot of voices out there. Politicians and pastors, co-workers and bosses, media and celebrities, friends and family. What are they saying? What about things that speak without a voice? Billboards? Advertisements? Magazine covers? […]

Writer’s Conferences: Your Best Career Decision

Guest Blog Post by Megan Burkhart, Intern If you’re a writer, you know how hard it is to make a living off your words alone. There’s a reason people use the phrase, “starving artist.” But, there are ways to take […]

Your Monday Muse-For King and Country

Contribution by Megan Burkhart, Intern Running. It’s good for the soul. But what direction are YOU running in today? Toward God or away from Him? Down a straight and clear path to your calling or a winding, overgrown hill that […]

Your Monday Muse-Riley Clemmons

He wants all you have today. Yes, today. Your beauty. Your scars. Your joys. Your sorrows. Your hopes and dreams. Your brokenness. Each circumstance is a new opportunity for you to see the goodness and majesty of your Heavenly Father. […]

Your Monday Muse-North Point Inside Out

Contribution by Megan Burkhart, Intern The Fourth of July has come and gone. Wow, summer is flying by, isn’t it? As you enter back into the grind of the work week or the busyness of summertime activities, remember that freedom is […]

Introducing Our 2018 Summer Interns

Little Lamb Books is proud to introduce our two new interns, Megan Burkhart and Alyssa Roat! We are thrilled to have these young women join our Little Lamb Books flock and take part in a behind-the-scenes learning experience. Since they’ve […]

Brand New YA Trilogy: Launch Release Day

Hello Little Lamb Books Followers! We are thrilled to announce the release of the our highly anticipated young adult novel, LAUNCH, the first in the Rise of the Anointed trilogy by debut author Jason C. Joyner! You are the generation […]

Your Monday Muse-Elevation Worship

Contribution by Alyssa Roat, Intern The sun is shining. The asphalt shimmers. You squint as soon as you walk outside. It’s definitely summer! But even in the bright sunlight of summer, sometimes the world can seem dark. Especially on a […]

Your Monday Muse-Danny Gokey

Happy Monday! The world we live in will offer us temporary highs and drag us through desperate lows. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all are going to mess up. God wants to give us joy eternal, […]

Your Monday Muse-Stars Go Dim

It’s a new day, a new week! Turn your frown upside down. Shine that smile for each person you see today! Compliment a friend. Finish a project. Share your lunch. Hold the door open. Write a new story for your […]

Welcome Our New Author-Darlo Gemeinhardt!

Today is a very special day because today I have the privilege to share with you some doggone lovely news. I am paws-itively delighted to introduce you to our newest Little Lamb Books family member…Darlo Gemeinhardt! For those writers wondering […]

Your Monday Muse-Tori Harper

What brings you abundant and lasting JOY? Your family and children? Your friends? Your career and job or school? Your travels and experiences? All those are wonderful and truly can add importance and purpose in our lives here on Earth, but they […]

Your Monday Muse-Bright Ones

SCHOOL is out! SUMMER is just days away! WOOHOO! Congratulations to all the elementary, middle grade, and high school students who finished strong! The school year is over. The days stretch out in front of us to be filled with activities, […]

Your Monday Muse-Zach Williams

When you wake up and the news is horrible and negative. When you feel overlooked and unworthy. When you hurt because of someone else’s words. When the diagnosis is overwhelming and you don’t see any positives. When what you believe […]

Your Monday Muse-Austin French

Have a blessed Monday! “For in Him we LIVE and MOVE and have our being…” Acts 17:28a

Your Monday Muse-David Dunn

Summer is coming. The heat index is rising. School is almost out. Doesn’t it make you wish for those good old days? Days playing outside with friends. Running through the sprinklers in the backyard. Road tripping to the beach with […]

8 Ways To Partner With Your Publisher

You signed your contract. Way to Go! Your manuscript is in the hands of your publisher. Yes! You are super excited to tell the world you really and truly ARE an author. Woohoo! Now What? As a writer, once you […]

Two Time Benjamin Franklin 2018 Book Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that our debut picture book, The Bubble Who Would Not POP! by author Shelly Roark and illustrated by Simone Krüger was honored by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with two Benjamin Franklin Book Awards on […]

Your Monday Muse-Citizen Way (Ft Bart Millard)

It’s the end of April. A new month is creating fresh opportunities, new friendships, more open doors. Are you overwhelmed by the ocean in front of you or are you ready to be Wave Walker? “Thus saith the Lord, which […]

The Serious Writer Tour Stop-Wimberley

I recently took part in a writer’s workshop hosted by Serious Writer inc., the parent company for Serious Writer Academy and Serious Tour Stop. The  Tour happened to be in Wimberley, Texas, right outside of Austin, and I was invited to speak […]

12 Quotes About Books For Readers

Happy World Book Day 2018! There are so many things we love about books…the fun stories, the lovable characters, the shared joy, especially in children’s books. Whether you pick up a picture book, a chapter book, a comic book, or a […]

Your Monday Muse-Big Daddy Weave

Our God is the LION The Lion of Judah He’s roaring with power and fighting our battles And every knee will bow before You Our God is the LAMB, the Lamb that was slain For the sin of the world, His […]

Your Monday Muse- Social Club Misfits (ft. Tauren Wells)

It’s Monday! It’s a new day! It’s a fresh start! The first 3 months of the year are over and Spring is here! 🙂 It’s time to shed your sadness, your fears, your winter blues…whatever is weighing you down. Kick it […]

Your Monday Muse-Carrie Underwood

He is Risen! The stone was rolled away! This morning, we can continue to celebrate His resurrection! We don’t have to despair or worry, He’s Alive! Rejoice! Jesus paid the debt for us. Sing Praises! Death was defeated! We are saved by […]

Launch Cover Reveal

Are you a young adult guy or girl searching for a story that will take you into a new world just a bit different than your own? Are you a librarian, teacher or parent looking for a young adult book […]

Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash is Available Now!

Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash, written by author Amberly Kristen Clowe and illustrated by Janet Samuel, is the first book in our brand new chapter book series and introduces Teeny Sweeney, a young girl with a penchant for playfulness and shenanigans that […]

Your Monday Muse-Hawk Nelson

1-2-3-4 Count Your Blessings. See the Good. Count Your Blessings. Be the Good. Count Your Blessings. Thank God for something, anything, everything. Love the Good. Change the Bad. Count Your Blessings. It’s Monday! Let’s Jam!

Behind the Scenes with Little Lamb Books at the Great Homeschool Convention 2018

The Great Homeschool Convention hosts five regional education events every year, including in Texas. They offer parents who choose to homeschool their children amazing guest speakers, a variety of classes on parenting and homeschooling topics, and an exhibit hall full […]

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me (Movie Session)

I have followed this band from the beginning. Like us, they are from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Their concerts are a love fest to Jesus. They are the real deal. And, the new movie, I Can Only Imagine, based on […]

Your Monday Muse-Aaron Cole (ft. TobyMac)

Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Evening. Whatcha doin’? Worrying about something? Let it go. Working on something? Share it with God! Praying about something? Sing it to the heavens! God’s Got You Today! Right where you are! He’s always Right […]

Your Monday Muse-Crowder

Waking up to another Monday. A new week. A fresh start. So thankful to see the sun shining past the clouds. Thankful for the air I breathe. Thankful for work I love. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy […]

Your Monday Muse-Unspoken

Getting prepped for #FaithPitch this week. I love hosting events…birthday parties, holiday get togethers, family reunions, etc. I prep the location, prepare the activities, cook (or order) the food, invite the guests, and much more. I invest in the moment […]

Welcome Our New Author-Michelle Medlock Adams!

When Little Lamb Books began the search in 2016 for authors to add to our roster, we began praying daily that God would lead us to men and women that loved the Lord, understood our goals, believed in our mission, […]

The Name Above All Names

It’s only Day 52 out of the 365 days that make up 2018, and so far I don’t think it’s truly gone as anyone hoped or planned. The winter flu season has claimed the lives of young and old alike. […]

Your Monday Muse-Tori Kelly (Sing)

Maybe you woke up late and ended up stuck in traffic. Maybe you and your spouse or kids argued. Maybe you’re looking at an almost empty checkbook. Maybe you’re in the doctor’s office fighting illness. There are so many things […]

Your Monday Muse-Moriah Peters

Happy 1st Monday of February 2018! You ready? Brave? Confident? No? Feeling afraid, nervous, lonely? Don’t Fear! God is Near! He’s never left your side, and He’s not going to start now! He’s got you…right now, right here. You are […]

Your Monday Muse-Anthem Lights

As you pursue your 2018 goals, plans, and resolutions… As you work out, sweat it out, and cut it out… As you purge your junk, organize your closets, and donate to a cause… As you cook the meals, sort the […]

February 2018 #FaithPitch!

Happy New Year! It’s not too late to say that, right?! To kick off 2018, we’re officially getting ready to host our first of three #FaithPitch events of the year!  Wednesday, February 28 from 8am to 8pm, you will have the opportunity […]

Your Monday Muse-The Color

When you just can’t face today or tomorrow or next week or next month… When you’re not sure if you have enough faith to focus on the future let alone the present… When the burdens you carry are too heavy […]

Your Monday Muse-TobyMac featuring Hollyn

We are called to be LIGHTS shining BRIGHT in a dark world. Darkness CANNOT remain where there is LIGHT! Shine Glow Illuminate Gleam Reflect Sparkle Beam Radiate Emit Blaze “In the same way, let your LIGHT shine before others, that […]

In Our Notes…Illustrator Janet Samuel

Illustrations expand our world as a story evolves through the author’s words, and we love the illustrators who bring our titles to life. Whether through watercolors, pencil sketches, or digital renderings, we work with some of the most talented artists […]

Word of the Year 2018

Usually, when a new year rolls around, I find it invigorating to look at the calendar and begin making plans, to choose a word and scripture for the year, to anticipate the goals we need to set for the next […]

Your Monday Muse: The Greatest Showman

Happy New Year! I hope all your holidays were blessed and beautiful!  So, during our holiday festivities, one of the things I absolutely wanted to do was go see a movie. Any guesses which one? If you say Star Wars: […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From Our Home To Yours!  

A Merry Happy Christmas Birthday!

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday! Or Merry Birthday? Happy Christmas? Most people aren’t sure what to say when they find out that I have a Christmas Birthday. Usually this occurs when I’m at the doctor’s office, the local DMV, or any […]

What Christmas Means To Me

Guest blogger Amberly Kristen Clowe, author of Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash (pre-order now) For me, Christmas is that special time of year when we can all be completely silly in ugly sweaters, reindeer hats, and fluffy, warm socks. […]

That’s What Christmas Is All About

Guest blogger Bonnie Clark, author A couple of years ago I cancelled Christmas. Well sort of. I was overwhelmed with my three little ones and “making the rounds” to family festivities. Instead of a joyful time of year it began to […]

A Christmas Celebration

Guest blogger Jean Matthew Hall, author of Seasons series (coming 2019) I’m baking. The wonderful aromas of spices & chocolates fill my house. My kitchen is a big mess with flour & sugar everywhere. Chocolate chips & sprinkles decorate my island. […]

Teeny Sweeney Cover Reveal

Today is Cover Reveal day for our debut chapter book Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash! We are super excited to finally be able to share with you more about this delightful first in a series by Amberly Kristen Clowe and […]

Your Monday Muse-Christmas Playlist (#2)

‘Twas the week before Christmas…literally And all through the office walls…and halls and doors and windows Not a creature was stirring…or wrapping or baking or cleaning Not even the boss’ dog…neither were the designers, editors, or authors Yet what to our […]

The Spirit of Christmas

Guest Post from Janet L. Christensen, author of The Littlest Star (coming Christmas 2018) Every year at this time, I remember one particular Christmas, and an amazing experience that renewed our hope and strengthened our hearts during a challenging season […]

Making Christmas Memorable

Guest Post from Jason C. Joyner, author of Launch (coming July 2018) My family had an interesting dynamic. My sister and brother were fifteen and twelve years older than me. By the time I remember things, they were adults. We […]

A Christmas Miracle

Guest Post from Shelly Roark, author of The Bubble Who Would Not POP! “Christmas is Pish-Posh!” Thus says the grumpy leading character in The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. Gathering round Susan Wojciechowski’s touching Christmas classic is one of my […]

Your Monday Muse-Our Christmas Favorites

We are counting down the days until Christmas morning, and to keep us merry and bright, we compiled a Spotify playlist of some of our authors’ favorite Christmas carols for Your Monday Muse today! There are a million variations of […]

Welcome Our New Author-Janet Christensen!

It’s the first week of December, and all through the office, Christmas music is playing as we sing loud the chorus! We’re closed to new queries, new business, and new tasks while we wrap up the year and give thanks […]

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me Christmas!

This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs, and I love this beautiful rendition by one of my favorite singing groups, Mercy Me. As I enter this busy, busy season, I love these lyrics (by Lee Mendelson), and I […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!

The Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For in 2017

It’s been an exciting fall season for Little Lamb Books! In the last three months alone, we’ve celebrated our 2nd Birthday, launched our debut picture book, The Bubble Who Would Not POP! participated in the Texas Book Festival, and revealed the […]

Your Monday Muse-Josh Groban

We pray that the blessings and joys of this Thanksgiving will fill your home and hearts! “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” -Psalm 118:1 Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel & the Little Lamb Books team

November 2017 #FaithPitch Details

#FaithPitch is officially 11 days away, so we wanted to be make sure everyone had all the important details in one place in order to get the most out participating before the end of the year. Who’s Hosting? In general…We at […]

Faith Gives Us Hope

Do you have a life scripture? A favorite scripture? One that you feel drawn to no matter what else is happening in your life? I do. While there are many passages in my Bible that I relate to and love, […]

Your Monday Muse-Jordan Feliz

As we move into the holiday season, it’s easy to run dry, to feel overwhelmed, to want to burrow in our beds and keep the covers over our heads. It’s also easy to get fed up with relatives and friends […]

Your Monday Muse-Hillsong United

How do you see the world around you? In empty glasses and blank pages? In black and white? In pain and judgement? In darkness and death? How do you see the life you’re living? In dreams and full stories? In […]

New Rules for November #FaithPitch!

Well, we’re officially less than a month away from our next #FaithPitch event! Save the date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017. 8am-8pm CST. Once you’ve visited with family, filled your tummies with turkey, and shopped until you’ve dropped, I hope you’ll be […]

Gratefulness Calendar 2017

We are happy to share with you a fun November calendar that you can print, post on your fridge or bulletin board, and share with your family. Each day has a suggested activity, craft, or donation for you to do […]

Your Monday Muse-Newsboys

The pastor speaking from the platform this weekend said something so profound to the congregation on Sunday. “God will do what you can’t, but not what you won’t.” Read it again. “God will do what you can’t, but not what […]

Your Monday Muse-Lecrae ft. for King & Country

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with […]

Welcome Our new Author-Jean Matthew Hall!

I am always grateful when God brings a new author into our Little Lamb Books family. He is always introducing me to amazing and inspiring writers, and today is no different. I hope you will all join me as we […]

Your Monday Muse-VeggieTales

On any given day, but especially on Mondays, we may feel overwhelmed by our battles, too little to accomplish great things, and beyond powerless to change our course, BUT our GOD is Bigger, Braver, and more Powerful than our outlook, […]

October is Pink

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests, like Myers-Briggs (hello INFJs), or one you find on social media, like What is your True Personality Color? (blue-every time)? Every single time I’ve taken one, it confirms two things I’ve […]

Your Monday Muse-Mandisa

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; […]

5 Essentials For Building Your Author Platform

Somewhere in your journey to become a published author, you’ve probably heard two words that fill with you with dread, but are said to be of great importance in your quest for an agent or publisher. Author Platform In it’s […]

In Our Notes…Illustrator Simone Krüger

We recently celebrated our second birthday, and as we looked for more ways to share with you as we publish new faith-based fiction for young readers, we have chosen to launch a new series of monthly posts called In Our […]

Your Monday Muse-Kari Jobe

We woke up to pain and sadness today. But, Jesus. We woke up to tragedy and fear. But, Jesus. We woke up to more questions and less answers. But, Jesus. We can’t understand, can’t begin to fathom the why. But, […]

Your Monday Muse-Plumb

Last Friday was the first day of fall, but as often happens, there’s been this feeling of having not only entered a new season on the calendar, but also having entered a different season in life. School schedules, activity commitments, […]

Welcome Our New Author-Jason C. Joyner!

You guys, it’s been a great week! Celebrating our birthday is so fun, but even more fun is announcing the addition of a new author to our Little Lamb Books family. It’s really one of my favorite things about being […]

We’re Celebrating Our Second Birthday!

Happy Birthday to US! Hooray! Woohoo! YEEHAW! It’s Little Lamb Books Second Birthday today, and I am so excited that we are celebrating this important day with so many new friends and partners! WOW! When I look back at where […]

Your Monday Muse-Louis Armstrong

It’s catch up day. Do you have those? After a busy weekend of travel and activities, where no laundry or chores were done, today has been a day where I have spent time just catching up. Catching up on email, […]

Welcome Our New Author-Jean Petersen!

Y’all, what better day to celebrate than a Friday! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce to you the newest addition to our Little Lamb Books flock….Jean Petersen! Please join me in saying a big HELLO to Jean, who has some Texas […]

4 Things To Do When Your Release Date Is Delayed

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” -The White Rabbit Ever feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and become The White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Moving fast, but still sometimes late? We were told this […]

Your Monday Muse-Harry Connick, Jr.

Many of us today are feeling intense feelings, both empathetic and sympathetic. Our emotions are running the gauntlet from sadness and devastation to fear and anxiety to anger and impatience. We see the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and, […]

Your Monday Muse-The Piano Guys

Three day weekends are such a blessing! Don’t you feel that way too? After the end of summer and back to school rush, I glory in a well-earned three day weekend. And, even in the midst of the overwhelm in […]

Your Monday Muse-Rascal Flatts

Y’all it’s not looking good in Houston, Texas. At. All. And, it makes me feel utterly helpless. Anyone else struggle with wanting to fix it, change it, help with it…find a truck, load it with all the things needed, tow […]

Ten Scriptures To Pray Over Your Children This School Year

My Little Bit actually returned to school two weeks ago, but I know that by the end of August most of our friends and family have children of all ages returning to the classroom, to sports teams, to dance class, […]

Your Monday Muse-Voctave

In light of the horrible news coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia, it’s hard to remember that there is GOOD in this world, but there are…good people, strong relationships, joyful kids, safe schools, inviting churches, beautiful music, respectful discussions, trustworthy leaders, […]

Your Monday Muse-ABCmouse

Oh, First Monday in August, you bring us mixed feelings. You are forcing us to trade in our carefree, memory-making summer days for weeks filled with lesson-learning, alarm clocks, and activities across town. We are both excited and a bit […]

Teaching Children To Be Prayer Warriors

One night last week, my daughter was struggling. She was having trouble falling asleep because she said she was thinking scary things. Now, I personally am a very vivid dreamer. I have had to be careful about what I watch, […]

Let’s Celebrate Christmas in July

Let’s celebrate Christmas in July! Yep, I said it. I know, I know, the idea of Christmas right now is making your eyes twitch, your nose crinkle, and your heart start pounding…fast! I’m sorry…well, um, okay, not really. You see, […]

Your Monday Muse-Tori Kelly

Working in the publishing business day to day, I’m often in awe of all that God brings together. The words. The illustrations. The manufacturing. The distribution. Each time we add a piece, try something new, reach out to book stores, […]

Debut Picture Book Cover Revealed

Back in November of 2016, I was super thrilled to introduce our founding author Shelly Roark to you all. She is the first author to publish with Little Lamb Books, and I wrote a short introduction about her and the […]

Your Monday Muse-The Afters

As dusk sets this evening, my daughter and husband are outside watering the new flowers we bought over the weekend. This is a task they both enjoy much more than me, but it humors me a bit because my little […]

Your Monday Muse-For King and Country

Good Morning All! As you set out on your Monday, the first day of a fresh week, I pray you find time to seek our Heavenly Father and ask Him to show you clear opportunities to feel His presence. It’s […]

Beginner Basic Training: The How of Writing Kidlit

Y’all, this six week series has taken nine weeks thanks to the schedule of the last two months. Between end-of-school activities, traveling to NYC for BEA, preparing to travel to Chicago for Write-to-Publish, AND finalizing the galleys for our DEBUT […]

A #FaithPitch Success Story

We are gearing up for a fresh round of #FaithPitch in three (3) weeks! Recently, we heard from a few participants about some exciting successes due to #FaithPitch. Agents signed writers after reading their submissions. Writers found their publishers after […]

Your Monday Muse-The Beach Boys

Hello Friends and Followers! Wooohooo, y’all…the last two weeks have been crazy from dawn to dusk with end of school year activities and traveling to #BookExpo in NYC (which was it’s own exciting adventure!). Sleep was following me around wondering […]

Your Monday Muse-Mary Poppins

This week is a busy week…like, crazy busy as we prepare to travel to BEA, work with our new authors on their manuscripts and platforms, and continue the marketing plans for our debut picture book The Bubble Who Would Not […]

Beginner Basic Training: The Why of Writing Kidlit

Last week should have been Week #5 for our series, the Beginner Basic Training, but the whole week was kind of hijacked by some exciting news. However, today we are continuing our series and will be focusing on the WHY […]

Your Monday Muse-Nichole Nordeman

So, yesterday was Mother’s Day, and I don’t know about you, but I had some mixed feelings this year about this day. Here’s why. I’m the daughter of a wonderful Mom, who has beat cancer twice with God’s help, who […]

Your Monday Muse-Hollyn

GOOD MORNING LAMBIES! It’s a new day, a new week! The sun is shining (in Texas)! It’s the last month of school. Summer is so close we can almost touch it! As we move through our days and the busyness […]


I am super excited to join Louie, our loyal Little Lamb Books mascot, in announcing two big news stories today! First, when we launched our publishing company in the fall of 2015, we had several goals, among them was to […]

Beginner Basic Training: The Where of Writing Kidlit

Week #4 of the Beginner Basic Training series focuses on the WHERE of Writing KidLit. So far during this six week series, we have looked at the Who, What and When questions that all writers, regardless of genre or age […]

Welcome Our New Author-Krissy Clowe!

When we hosted our #FaithPitch event in February this year, we invited all agents and editors who have an interest in faith-based fiction across the industry to join us. We also were hopeful that a variety of writers with completed, […]

Beginner Basic Training: The WHEN of Writing KidLit

We’re in Week 3 of the Beginner Basic Training series, a week by week glance at six general questions that rookie and veteran writers can use to break down the basic facts used to develop their stories. Better known in […]

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me

I woke up with a cloud over my head yesterday. My feelings were skewed in a negative direction, and I was struggling to see light in my tunnel. There were many “What If” questions weighing me down. Have you ever […]

Beginner Basic Training: The WHAT of Writing KidLit

When we started our Beginner Basic Training series we said that we would spend the next six weeks breaking down the Five Ws and an H questions so that we can better plan and produce literature for kids that takes […]

Your Monday Muse-Jasmine Murray

Ciao Y’all! Yesterday was Easter, and it was such a beautiful day, however, I have a confession: I am not one that can sit and watch movies that depict the crucifixion. I am a very visual person, and since having […]

Beginner Basic Training: The WHO of Writing KidLit

Today, we kick off the six-part series titled Beginner Basic Training with the first question on our list of building blocks to good writing of children’s fiction: Who? Each question on the list seems quite simple, but really there is […]

Your Monday Muse-We Are Messengers

Good Morning Lambies! PubU in Portland this past weekend was brilliant! Loved it! Absorbed so much good information and knowledge. But, today, oh goodness y’all, I am sooooo tired! What about you this Monday? Are you weary, tired, exhausted? Are […]

Beginner Basic Training: Six Lessons for Writing Kidlit

As a beginner trying to start writing your winning novel, you will hear a myriad of comments like, “Just sit down and write”, “Just show up”, or “Write a little bit every day”. All of these comments have some truth […]

Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me

I’m entering the busy season of publishing and travel. If you want to follow along, be sure to join me on Instagram at @little_lamb_books. I’m heading to Portland this week and NYC in May, and I can’t wait to share […]

Your Monday Muse-Micah Tyler

Mondays are hard enough, but this one day of the week is infinitely harder when you have to do something you don’t like (Hello dentist appointment!), or you have to meet a deadline (How are ya taxes?!), or you just […]

Five Simple Ways To Start Writing

The beastly germs of winter have been running amok in my home for the last three weeks. Everyone has felt it, and it seems like forever since all of us were healthy all at the same time. Currently, I seem […]

Your Monday Muse-Blanca

It’s the First Day of SPRING! To be technical, the Spring Equinox of 2017 began today at 5:28am in the Northern Hemisphere. Either way, this makes me want to shout WAHOO! It’s not because spring is my favorite season, but […]

February 2017 Reading List

Well, February blew in and blew out in a matter of 28 days, and I was only able to meet half my reading goal for the month. As I mentioned in my first reading post here, I’m challenging myself to […]

Your Monday Muse-TobyMac

It’s the last Monday in February. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Today, I woke up to overcast and rainy skies with a chill in the air. It doesn’t make for a very cheerful start to the week. But, no matter […]

Are YOU ready to Pitch at #FaithPitch?

#FaithPitch is a faith-based pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 140-character pitch for their completed, edited, unpublished FICTION-only manuscripts. And, it’s happening TOMORROW! Here are the specifics: February 28, 2017 (8AM – 8PM CST). 140-characters, include #FaithPitch and […]

Your Monday Muse-Mandisa

Yes, ,I know, today is Tuesday, not Monday, but because yesterday was a holiday (in the USA) and today is the first day of the work week for most, I thought we could all use this pick-me-up. I think this […]

2017 Twitter Pitch Parties!

Hey Little Lamb Books Followers! Hope you’re having a TERRIFIC day today! I’m super excited to share some BIG news with you in this post, so be sure to read through the entire thing. If you’ve been active on social […]

Your Monday Muse-Hillsong Young and Free

Good Morning. How are you today? Doing okay? I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I wake up on a Monday, nothing feels good, tastes good, sounds good, or looks good. I feel lost and indecisive. Breakfast? No Thank […]

Top 15 Classic KidLit Characters

As I browsed through my daughter’s book pile for a bedtime story recently, I was amused at the variety of titles that we have collected. From stories about princesses and magical castles to stories about characters who overcome obstacles by […]

January 2017 Reading List

Hello Everyone! Can you believe it’s February already?! Each year I challenge myself to read as many books as I can. Some years I compete with my friends (Hi Sherri!). Some years I just give myself a number to reach […]

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Rachel, and I’m the Publisher and Managing Editor of Little Lamb Books. I also consider myself navigator of our roadmap, captain of our cheerleading squad, and all around lead animal wrangler in our zoo. Sounds fun, right? I […]

Word of the Year 2017

We are halfway through January, and the Little Lamb Books office is filled with anticipation, energy, and lots of to do lists. We have set quite a few goals for 2017, and even though the weather in Texas can’t make […]

2016 Year in Review

So, the first ten days of January flew by, and it’s a quiet chaos in the offices as we prepare for the items on our to do list for 2017, but I wanted to take a minute to look back […]

Welcome Our New Author: Shelly Roark!

Sometimes you just know. Maybe it’s because the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Maybe it’s because reading the story out loud gives you goosebumps. Maybe it’s because you get to the end and have to read […]

Happy Birthday to…Us!

What a difference one year makes! Yes, ONE year ago today, Little Lamb Books officially launched into the publishing industry. 12 months ago, we threw open our doors and invited authors of picture books and middle grade or young adult […]

DFW Writers Conference

2016 looks like it will be a busy year for us, and we are super excited by the many activities, events, pitch parties, and more filling up the calendar. Our first big event will be my visit to DFW Writers […]

Have you heard of Christmastide?

It’s the Day After Christmas. The gifts have been opened. The food has been eaten (well, except for a few cookies you’ve been holding back for today!). Your guests have started to return home. And, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed […]

Merry Christmas!

Lambie Love,

Music Monday: Christmas Volume 2

It’s the week of Christmas! Only 5 more days until the pitter-patter of feet rushing toward stuffed stockings, decorated trees, and warm kitchens (coffee anyone?!). In the background you might also have on the annual holiday parade or Christmas tunes […]

Free Gift For You

Get the wallpaper:  1920×1080 Well, here in Texas the weathermen are saying it could reach a balmy 70 degrees by Christmas Day. Nothing anywhere near the realm of a white winter, snow, ice, or blizzard. So, while we dream of […]

Music Monday: Christmas Volume 1

I love Christmas music. Plain and simple. I could listen to it all year because there are so many different versions, artist renditions, and new songs to hear. I actually get frustrated with my local radio stations at this time […]

The Message in the Candy Cane

We love any opportunity to enjoy candy canes in our office and home, and using candy canes as decorations on our tree brings a smile (and a treat). But, most importantly, each year as Christmas draws near, we love reading […]

Giving Thanks: Hope (Day #28)

“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23 I am thankful for Hope. I am thankful that even when it feels like the world is against us, we can have Hope […]

Giving Thanks: Favorite Things (Day #27)

Go ahead, join me in singing…”These are a few of my favorite things!” I LOVE that song from the movie, The Sound of Music! So, today is the day many brave the shops and malls to find favorite things for […]

Give Thanks: Thanksgiving Day (Day #26)

We, at Little Lamb Books, pray that you have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones all around. May your food be filling, your fellowship be fun, and your faith be strong on this, Thanksgiving Day 2015! […]

Giving Thanks: Today (Day #25)

Are you thankful for right now? Are you living in the present as opposed to the past? Are you taking in the moment or waiting for the future to start living your life? Be thankful for right now. Today. Do […]

Giving Thanks: Parents (Day #24)

For Day #24, I am giving thanks for my parents. My parents are the best. No, I mean it. The Best. Both of my parents were raised during a time when there were no cell phones or computers, church services […]

Giving Thanks: Tradition (Day #23)

It’s Thanksgiving Week…and Music Monday! This is the week my home is filled with the sounds of family and the smells of yummy food. This is the week we give thanks for all the blessings we have received this year. […]

Giving Thanks: Light (Day #22)

I am thankful for light, for sunrises, and gloriously sunny days. Even more importantly, I’m thankful for The Light of Heaven that shines brightly even in this dark world. There has been so much that is negative and sad in […]

Giving Thanks: Husband (Day #21)

When I met my husband seven years ago, I had stopped looking for love. I had decided that I didn’t need a perfect match…or any match at all. I had resigned myself to being single, and was throwing all I […]

Giving Thanks: Pets (Day #20)

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, colors and furs, paws and tails. Today is giving thanks for four-legged friends. We adopted a fur baby in 2010. She is gentle with our kids. She loves a good tug-of-rope game. She […]

Giving Thanks: Children (Day #19)

When I became a mom, it changed my whole universe. Literally. So, today, I’m giving thanks for children, specifically my daughter. As a teacher for 15 years, I always thought of my students as my kids, and I called them […]

Giving Thanks: Education (Day #18)

I am so thankful for Education. I love learning. I am a perpetual student. I still take classes whenever I can work one into my schedule. And, I loved teaching. Fifteen years of my life I spent teaching middle school […]

Giving Thanks: Provision (Day #17)

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 When my Nana was alive, she prayed about everything from losing her keys to remembering a piece of information to her health. […]

Giving Thanks: Friendship (Day #16-Music Monday)

Today, I’m giving thanks for friendships and the community of guys and gals that we have relationships with through everything from lunches, dinners, and game nights to daily texts, weekly phone conversations, and every-now-and-then social media posts. When I was […]

Giving Thanks: Church (Day #15)

I am thankful for our church. I am truly grateful that we have a place to go to worship with other Christ-followers. I appreciate the time, effort, and organization that goes into each week’s message and give thanks when it […]

Giving Thanks: Family (Day #14)

I am giving thanks today for my Family, specifically my relatives, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and more. I am thankful for the memories I have of growing up with an immediate sense of belonging. I was a member of […]

Giving Thanks: Wisdom (Day #13)

“But the Wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” James 3:17 Today, I am sharing just a short note of thankfulness for the Wisdom […]

Giving Thanks: Food (Day #12)

So it’s that time of year. You know, THAT time? It’s the month of the year when all the attention and all the focus is on FOOD! Today, we are giving thanks for Food, specifically all the vegetable, fruits, meats, […]

Giving Thanks: Veteran’s Day (Day #11)

Today, I am thankful for America, our current military men and women who protect our freedoms, and to all the Veterans who have sacrificed so much by traveling near and far to represent us in peace and in war. Today, […]

Giving Thanks: Technology (Day #10)

Are you a lover of technology? Or a hater? Do you feel lost without your smartphone? Or do you prefer to be disconnected? Must you always listen to music on your MP3 player and watch movies from your laptop? Or […]

Giving Thanks: Music Monday (Day #9-Seasons)

We are based in Texas, and although I was born in another state (sssshhh, don’t tell anyone), I have lived in the Great State of Texas the majority of my life. And, in Texas, we have a saying…”If you don’t […]

Giving Thanks: God’s Word (Day #8)

Today, I am thankful for the Word of God. The Bible. The Holy Word. The Scriptures. At every turn, and in every moment of my life, I have been able to read the Bible and find answers, find peace, find […]

Giving Thanks: Joy (Day #7)

I am thankful for JOY! I am thankful that the “JOY of the Lord is my Strength” (Nehemiah 8:10). I am thankful for the JOY found in the smell of pumpkin spice candles, the taste of warm cinammon rolls on […]

Giving Thanks: Photography (Day #6)

I am thankful for photography. Photographs. Pictures. Photos. Images. Snapshots. Portraits. Prints. Candids. I have been obsessed with photography since I was a child. I loved picture books. I thrived on visual entertainment, such as movies and theater performances, and […]

Giving Thanks: Physical Health (Day #5)

If you read my recent post about how cancer has recently touched my family a second time, you know why my giving thanks for health is so important. However, if I’m completely honest, I’m not always shouting out my thanks […]

Giving Thanks: Quiet & Rest (Day #4)

For the longest time I took rest for granted. When I was single and teaching, my weekends were spent cleaning, running errands, hanging with friends, and sleeping until noon. I took for granted that resting would always be available. Today, […]

Giving Thanks: Books (Day #3)

Today, I am thankful for books…lots and lots and lots of books. I was a ferocious reader as a child. I loved going to the library, where I could check out as many books as my bag could hold. I […]

Giving Thanks: Music Monday (Day #2)

I love music. I love the lyrics, melodies, rhythms. I love the stories, the emotions, and the connections that music gives us. I love the artistry, the musicianship, and the variety of music. I can’t say that I honestly love […]

Giving Thanks: Faith (Day #1)

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” Hebrews 11:1 This has been my favorite scripture verse since I can remember. From my innocent childhood to fire-tested maturity, my faith has traveled the hills and […]

30 Days of Thanks

One month. 4 weeks. 30 Days. 720 hours. Gratitude. Giving. Thankful. Appreciation. November is the time of the year that the entire nation, or at least most of us, focuses on giving thanks, on paying tribute to the good in […]

Music Monday (Broadway Edition)

Hello to you all this last Monday of October! (Okay, seriously, where did this month go?) I teased you last week that this Music Monday would be some fun tunes, and I’m so happy to share this Music Monday edition […]

Finding Your Community

Do you have a community, a group, a posse? You know, people…do you have people? As a writer (and a Mom or Dad, or a teacher or well, just a human being), it is so important that you have a […]

Thanks Amy!

Have you ever had someone who believed in you just enough to help you believe in yourself? I did. Her name is Amy, and I have just two words for her today. Thank You. No Really….Thanks. Our website has been […]

Facing Cancer Twice

I’ve struggled with writing this post for the past few weeks, mostly because it’s personal, but also because it’s not really my story to tell. However, it’s been on my heart so I’m choosing to tell it simply from my […]

Music Monday (Duets Edition)

Good Morning! I seem to be on a bit of a theme kick with our Music Mondays this month with last week being the acapella version and the week before being a jazz version, and though it was a bit […]

Celebration of Reading

This past Monday, October 12, I was honored to not only attend the 14th Annual Celebration of Reading hosted by the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, but to also have Little Lamb Books sponsor eight (8) teachers for the […]

Music Monday (Acapella Edition)

Good Morning and Hallelujah for a new week! We had such a busy weekend as a family, that I’m kind of ready to get back to work. However, for some, Columbus Day is still a holiday, fall break, or day […]

Picture Perfect

The Little Lamb Books Launch Party was a great endeavor in September, and we are thrilled to share some of the images taken of the event with you! For those who missed it, we are so sorry you couldn’t come. […]

Top 5 Reasons to Donate

Donating to a cause is a personal thing. We choose people, groups, companies and causes to donate to because of our life experiences, our friends’ recommendations, a community’s need, a family member’s request. There are causes for everything from health […]

Music Monday (Jazz Edition)

Good October Morning to you! Whenever we reach October on the calendar, I start to feel a shift in my attitude, there’s a soft fall smell in the air, and the late evening and early morning start to have a […]

We Have Today

We are not promised tomorrow. We only have today. Our hearts go out to those affected in the Oregon shooting, to the families who lost loved ones. We say thank you to the heroes of yesterday. Thank you those who […]

Wordy Wednesday

Lambie Love,

Music Monday

Good Morning! It’s the last Monday of September, the sun is rising, fall is in the air, and we are entering into the busiest three months of the year. Some Mondays we wake up and we just need to be […]

Happy 1st Day of Fall

Welcome Autumn. Hello Fall. Pine Cones. Leaves. Pumpkins. Football and holidays. Oranges, reds, and browns. Boots and jackets. Plaids, leather, and suede. Sweatshirts and pajama pants. Hot tea and apple pie. Family and friends. Shorter days. Cooler nights. Warm fires. […]

Launch Party Thank You Note

I just have to start by saying that our Lambie Love Launch Party this past Sunday was an amazing success. It was terrific to see familiar faces and meet new friends and talk books, faith, and kids with everyone! Yesterday, […]

Tomorrow’s the Day!

The Little Lamb Books Launch Party event will be tomorrow, Sunday, September 20 from 3-5 pm at Texas Star. You can still RSVP at We will have appetizers, milk & cupcakes, live music, a selfie photo booth, a coloring […]

My Party Planner

It’s Wednesday, and normally I would do a Words of Wisdom or a Wordy Wednesday, but we are 4 DAYS away from our launch party, so forgive me, but that’s what I’m going to write about! So, I love a […]

Music Monday: Little Lamb Launch Party

It’s Launch Week! Wahoo! I’m so happy to be kicking off this important week leading up to our special party with some of my favorite music! I was thinking about what I might want playing in the background while we […]

Never Forget.

9-11. Never Forget. Always remember the many who lost their lives, not knowing it would be their last day. Always remember those who knowingly sacrificed their lives to save as many as they possibly could. Always remember those who showed […]

You’re Invited!

In 10 days, Little Lamb Books will be hosting its inaugural launch party. The September 20th event is being held at a beautiful location. The goody bags have been made. The first Little Lamb Books t-shirts have been ordered. Over […]

Wordy Wednesday: Launch

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. As authors, editors, marketers and publishers, words breathe life into our passions, our thoughts, our images, and our feelings. They combine to create the books, the settings, and the characters that have emerged as important members […]

Top 10 Tips for Book Submission

Okay, so you’ve been checking out the Little Lamb Books website, and you’ve started following us on Facebook and Twitter. You think you have a great idea for a middle grade or young adult novel, and you want to submit […]

Love is Here

The song lyrics of Love is Here by Tenth Avenue North have been playing in stereo through my mind over and over.   I’m not sure who it’s for today, but if it’s for you, I pray that you hear […]

Just Breathe

It’s September 2nd. While it’s still ridiculously warm in Texas, the summer months have ended and according to our weather folk, fall has begun its arrival. And, we are officially 18 days from our Lambie Love Launch Party! For me, […]

An Open Letter to August

Dear August, I wanted to write you a letter today to tell you just what I feel about you, in case you hadn’t figured it out already. You are full up with 31 days, which is one more than four […]

Music Monday: Back to School edition

Happy First Day of School to all the students and teachers! Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or the first day of college, We pray blessings on your school year. We pray guardian angels all around you. We pray […]

30 Days until…Our Launch Party!

“30 days hath September”…or so part of the old calendar saying goes. Today I’m happy to announce what we are counting down to…our Little Lamb Launch Party! WOOOHOOO! We are painting the town purple on Sunday, September 20, 2015 in […]

For the Love

Hello Readers! Along with many other inspirational bloggers, I am super excited to be a part of Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love” Blog Tour! I pre-ordered my copy of her book way back in June (okay, June was only 2 […]

Top 10 [Positive] Character Traits

If you’re a parent, there are often moments when you look at your lovely child bewildered and wondering, “What is going on with you?” Today was one of those days. My little will be 4 in just a week’s time […]

Music Monday

Good Morning! I pray your weekend was refreshing and that God spoke to you in a mighty way. I know He did for me. Our pastor spoke on finding your career calling and purpose, and it just reinvigorated my spirit […]

Hello Weekend

“The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8

Wonderful Words

Don’t you just LOVE this? It’s inspirational and encouraging. And, it’s just for you this Wednesday! Lambie Love,

It’s Coming.

Have you guessed what “IT” is yet? We’ve mentioned a few times in passing that a special event is coming our way. Well, it’s time to make sure everyone knows what that special event is…drum roll please. (cue sound effects) […]

Top 10 Must Have Back to School Supplies

So, it’s August. And, that means virtually every store in America is stocked to the brim with every sort of back to school supply imaginable. This also means 2 things: 1) All us going crazy, wild-eyed parents are about have […]

Wordy Wednesday: Tenacity

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. As authors, editors, marketers and publishers, words breathe life into our passions, our thoughts, our images, and our feelings. They combine to create the books, the settings, and the characters that have emerged as important members […]

Music Monday

It’s the first Monday of AUGUST!!! WOW! Three more weeks until the start of class for most students in Texas. Three more weeks of time with your littles before the busyness of the school year, the fall season, and the […]

It’s Coming.

Are you ready? Can you guess? We set the date. We chose a time. We visited the place. We are preparing. We are designing. We are selecting. We are writing. We are inviting. We are praying. We are counting down. […]

To Do List+Dead Battery=God’s Plan

So, yesterday my car died. Just died. It was 100 degrees outside (It’s July in Texas. It’s HOT!). I was in the middle of my list of errands. I had a sitter for a limited time for my three-year-old. My […]

Monday’s Music Playlist

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s the last week of July? Summer 2015 is flying by way too fast! We have so many exciting things to share, but today IS Monday. So, I thought I’d share some uplifting music with […]

Happy Weekend

We’ve had an amazing week this week! We revealed our website!  We set the date for the launch party! We set a meeting with a writer’s group! We have been shared with over 60 new people via social media this […]

We are (a)LIVE!

We are LIVE…And, it feels so good! On Monday our web site, this web site, was officially released for everyone to enjoy, to find, and to share. I am so excited to see how God is going to use Little […]

My America

Growing up, I was always proud to be an American, to say I was an American citizen. As a third generation Italian-American, I had heard all the stories of how my ancestors had come from Italy, seeking work and opportunity, […]

Why Now?

At dinner with sweet friends, we discussed a variety of topics while our children played, including car styles, the value of education, the job market, dog breeds, and eventually, Little Lamb Books. I was asked why I was choosing to […]

Wordy Wednesday: Dapper

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. As authors, editors, marketers and publishers, words breathe life into our passions, our thoughts, our images, and our feelings. They combine to create the books, the settings, and the characters that have emerged as important members […]

Author Spotlight: Kiera Cass

During my time at the RT Booklover’s Convention in May, I sat in on a panel about romance in young adult fiction. There were six panelists and they shared information about how they write YA romance that was interesting end […]

Wordy Wednesday: Plethora

Welcome to Wordy Wednesday. As authors, editors, marketers and publishers, words breathe life into our passions, our thoughts, our images, and our feelings. They combine to create the books, the settings, and the characters that have emerged as important members […]

Top 20 Tuesday

Since we started our Top Book List with the 19th century, we thought it made just a smidge of sense to keep going and move into the 20th century. So, here is our list of favorite kids classics from the […]

10 Things I Learned At The RT Convention

To get my feet wet and learn a bit about attending book conventions, I took advantage of the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention being in Dallas in May. Now, I have been to a multitude of conventions…teaching conventions, journalism conventions, and […]

Wordy Wednesday: Hobgoblin

As authors, editors, marketers, and publishers, words breathe life into our passions. They combine to create the books that have emerged as important members of our extended families. (It’s getting thick in here, isn’t it?) Well, to put it mildly, […]

Top 10 List Begins

Are you an avid reader? We are! So much so that we actually have a contest going to see who can read the most books by the end of the year. Of course, this also means we have quite a […]

The Start Of It All

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27 Have you ever felt like you had to step out on a thin branch in order to take flight? This is the feeling I’ve had […]