#FP Non-Fiction Content

#FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party specifically hosted for authors to pitch their latest and greatest faith-based fiction AND non-fiction manuscript directly to industry professionals using #FaithPitch.

2019 is the first year we are introducing non-fiction manuscripts to the event and we are excited to see what these additions bring to #FaithPitch. While it can take time for new additions to grow during events like these, we have already heard from several agents and editors excited by the change. However, it’s important to note we won’t know exactly which agents and editors will attend the event until the day of #FaithPitch.

In order to participate, please be sure you follow the guidelines as shared on our main
#FaithPitch page. These apply to both fiction AND non-fiction authors.

Key ideas you might utilize to make an impact on agents and editors could be:

  • Comparative titles
  • Overview of the project
  • Time and Setting
  • Series potential
  • Credentials

It’s important to ensure that your non-fiction manuscript has strong writing, a unique angle or story, and that you have already started building your platform.

For #FaithPitch, your non-fiction manuscript pitch should be clear and not confusing; it should be concise and not wordy. Your pitch needs to hook readers and generate excitement for how you are solving a problem or adding a benefit for your readers. Nonfiction needs to be salable and compelling or you may be passed over.

We look forward to hosting you during our three different events this year and wish you all the best in your publishing journey.

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