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#FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party specifically hosted for authors to pitch their latest and greatest faith-based fiction AND non-fiction manuscript directly to industry professionals using #FaithPitch. We have three events each year.

As the only Twitter Pitch Party specifically for writers of faith-based fiction, this is our third year to host #FaithPitch and after each event we hear wonderful success stories from those who have found representation, either with a literary agent or a publishing house. We love our success stories!

Your pitches for your fiction, whether for adults or children, should be strong, polished, and unique. A 280-character tweet needs to give us a clear sense of your writing style and utilize those few lines to help your story stand out in an ocean of stories if you hope for an agent or editor to like it.

1. Remember to follow our general guidelines found on our main #FaithPitch page, including…
2. Your manuscript must be done. It should be edited well, polished as best as you can, and ready to submit to an industry pro if they ask for it.
3. Each tweet must include the Twitter pitch hashtag. (#FaithPitch) and an identifying hashtag (age group/genre).
4. Your pitches can only be sent out in intervals — we allow four (4) times per manuscript between 8am to 8pm CST. No Photos. No Ads. No Personal Comments.
5. You can re-tweet your friends’ pitches and comment, but do not “heart” them on the feed as hearts are for the editors and agents who are interested in inviting participants to query.

#FaithPitch does not replace actual query letters and manuscript proposals, however, as a Twitter Pitch Party, #FaithPitch is a great tool for you to add to your writing toolbox as it allows you to receive feedback, make connections, and take a worthwhile risk.

We are excited to host you and wish you all the best in your publishing journey.

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