#FaithPitch News (updated June 10, 2019)

Our #FaithPitch community is growing every week and we are super excited about our upcoming event! If you participated in February 2019, there are no new changes for the upcoming June event. If you've never participated before, be sure to read all the way through our #FaithPitch guidelines on this page to find the specific rules and helpful tidbits for our one-day event.

What is #FaithPitch?
#FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party specifically hosted for authors to pitch their latest and greatest biblically-based fiction AND non-fiction manuscript directly to industry professionals using #FaithPitch.

Who Can Participate?
This event is open to writers of fiction and non-fiction from a biblical worldview for children, teens, and adults. The manuscripts must be completed and edited and unpublished. The manuscripts must be specifically for the CBA market market.

When Is The Next Event(s)?
We host #FaithPitch three times a year. The 2019 dates are:

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Where Do I Post Pitches?
This pitch party takes place on Twitter using #FaithPitch plus the correct genre hashtags for your fiction manuscript and use #NF to identify non-fiction. Add the age category so everyone knows who you’re writing for and add genre hashtags as your character count allows. Everyone has 280-characters (or less) to pitch their manuscript!

Why Should I Participate?
A Twitter Pitch Party is a terrific opportunity for unpublished, unagented writers to possibly skip the slush pile with a completed manuscript and receiving feedback. We know that in the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) industry, which is narrow just by definition, can be hard to find representation.

How Do I Make the Most of This Opportunity? Good Question. Here are some basic participation guidelines:

  1. Tweet pitches only for finished, edited, and unpublished manuscripts.
  2. Tweet a pitch four (4) times per different manuscript during the event. Create variations of your pitch (Twitter now blocks tweets exactly the same). You can’t pitch the same story more than 4 times between 8am-8pm CST (9am-9pm EST).
  3. Pitch using 280-Characters or less, including the contest hashtag #FaithPitch as well as the correct hashtags for fiction/non-ficion, plus genre/age group. The hashtag (#) is necessary to organize the pitches by category for industry pros looking for specific types of titles.
  4. Review the hashtag list in the right sidebar to see what is accepted. We will update this as needed throughout the year.
  5. Do NOT Attach Photos/Graphics/Illustrations/Art, unless pitching an unpublished picture book or graphic novel. No Ads. Your pitch will be deleted if it has images that do not belong.
  6. Hearts=favorites/likes and are to only be used by the industry pros when they desire to see more from an author. You can retweet (RT) with a comment to show support of a friend or a particular pitch.
  7. If you receive a heart (favorite/like) by an agent or editor, research them prior to sending your query. Do your due diligence, check the company submissions guidelines, and make sure they’re legitimate BEFORE you send a reply to someone requesting your work. You don’t have to submit to anyone if you don’t want to work with them.
  8. Be professional and polite in all interactions with each other and all professionals always (even if you decide to not query a pro). Be aware that we will not tolerate rudeness or unkindness at any time to anyone participating.
  9. Do not tweet agents or publishers directly unless they reach out to you first. Some will post guidelines early or the day of, and some will tell you when they favorite your tweet what they want, but if you don’t see it listed, follow the guidelines posted on their website.
  10. Be sure to include “#FaithPitch Request:TITLE” in the subject line when you email them your requested material…unless they ask for something different.
  11. If you see anyone abusing our feed, please report it to Twitter AND notify us right away.
  12. This event is for unpublished, unrepresented work. If you are already agented, but are pitching outside of your represented genre, please notate by marking “Agented” in your pitch. 
  13. If you can’t participate the day of the event, utilize Hootesuite,Coschedule, Tweetdeck, etc. to schedule your pitches into the feed.

If you are a participant of #FaithPitch and you sign with an agent or editor, please be sure to let us know by direct message on Twitter or a quick email to hello@littlelambbooks.com. We love celebrating with you and letting others know your news!

Age Categories:
#BB : Board Book
#PB : Picture Book
#CA : Children’s
#CB : Chapter Book
#ER: Early Reader
#MG : Middle Grade
#YA : Young Adult
#NA : New Adult
#A : Adult


#AM: Amish
#AC : Action
#ADT : Adoption Subject
#AD : Adventure
#CK : Cookbook
#CY : Comedy
#CON : Contemporary
#CR : Contemporary Romance
#DEV : Devotional
#DS : Dystopian
#ETR : Entrepreneurship
#F: Fantasy
#FT : Fairy Tale
#GN : Graphic Novel
#HM : Humor
#HF : Historical Fiction
#HR : Historical Romance
#INSPY : Inspirational
#LF : Literary Fiction
#M : Mystery
#MEM : Memoir
#MC : Multi-Cultural
#ML : Military
#R : Romance
#RS : Romantic Suspense
#S : Suspense
#SF : SciFi
#SH : Superhero
#SP : Steampunk
#SPF: Speculative Fiction
#STEM : Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
#T : Thriller
#TG : Travel Guide
#TS: Time-Slip
#UF: Urban Fantasy
#W : Westerns
#WF: Womens Fiction

For Agents and Editors

Hi! Howdy! Hello! Welcome to #FaithPitch! All literary agents and acquiring editors of faith-based fiction and non-fiction, whether for kids or adults, are welcome to participate. Here’s a few notes on participating this year:

>You can find our pitches by searching for #FaithPitch on Twitter. You can also include age category or genre hashtags to narrow your search. To exclude a hashtag, put a minus (-) in front of it.
>Be sure to click the “Latest” tab if you’re searching on Twitter, to see all tweets in real-time.
>Whether you favorite one or more than one submission, please relay your submission guidelines using our hashtag. This way authors know who you are, when you arrive, and how to query you.
>You can let authors know you’re interested by clicking the Like (Heart/Favorite) button on individual tweets/pitches.
>If the day gets away from you, you are always welcome to make requests after the event ends or even the next day or two.
>If you sign an author, please let us know so we can celebrate you both!

We appreciate you joining #FaithPitch. Thank you for your time!

Extra Information For Everyone

1) We did not create this concept nor are we the only pitch party out there. There are many opportunities popping up each week (#PitMad, #PBPitch, #SFFPit, #IWSGPit, etc.) for you to share your best manuscript “elevator pitches”, whether faith-based or not. #FaithPitch is an additional tool for your author toolbox.

2) #FaithPitch is for faith-based fiction AND non-fiction. Most of what is found here is from a biblical worldview, and the majority of our agents and editors invited to participate are looking exclusively for work in this area. We don’t apologize for that, however, there will be many perspectives from various denominations, ethnicities, and points-of-view even within this niche. We remain dedicated to hosting a positive and respectful event.

3) We cannot guarantee who follows us during an event. Authors and Pros will come and go as schedules allow. We invite at least 50-100 industry professionals for each online event, but agents and editors may unavailable that day or some are closed to queries. However, many do participate and we have had numerous success stories. In addition, quite a few have let us know that they browse our feed a few days after the event when time permits to see what is available.

4) This online-only event will take place on Twitter via the hashtag #FaithPitch. Our Twitter feed @Faith_Pitch is a good place to ask questions prior to or during the event and where we’ll share up-to-the minute news too, including the start and finish of the event.

We hope events like this will open the door for new voices to be heard and find a home for their stories, characters, and dreams.

You can help spread the word by sharing this information on your favorite social media format as well as with those in your writing groups, book clubs, conference classes, and inner circles that might be interested in participating.

*#FaithPitch is hosted by Little Lamb Books. As the host of this online event and community, we reserve the right to make changes to any or all even details, requirements, and portions at any time before, during, and after the event dates. Please direct all questions to hello@littlelambbooks.com.