Little Lamb Books

Shepherding the Next Generation of Faithful Readers

We are Little Lamb Books. Launched in 2015, we are a faith-based trade publisher specializing in enriching, inspiring, and encouraging elementary to young adult readers through creative storytelling that blends interesting characters, strong plots and colorful illustrations with a biblical worldview.

We are based in the North Texas area, but we have a variety of states and countries represented by our partners. Our staff is made up of education consultants, copy and content editors, illustrators, book designers, acquisitions editors, website creators, accountants, intellectual property attorneys, printers, and more.

We care about young readers and about the quality of our books. Our goal is to create a strong catalog of picture books, chapter books, and full-length novels that will reach girls and guys, tweens and teens in genres ranging from humorous to contemporary, from action to fantasy. We look for strong characters, detailed scenes, moving plots, and an overarching faith story that is relevant to our readers.

We sell our books in the US and Canada through online retailers or in brick and mortar sites as well as our own web-based shop. Our books are mostly available as hardcovers, soft covers, and eBooks, and we look forward to introducing audio books at a future date.

We offer our authors strong editing guidance, royalties, original cover illustrations, platform promotion, and a fresh marketing plan.  We hope that by collaborating with our family of authors, we will build a lasting legacy of integrity and storytelling that will carry over for the next generation.

We are Little Lamb Books, and we hope you will join us on our journey by purchasing our titles and subscribing to our twice-a-month newsletter, where we share about all the Little Lamb Books promotions, book releases, pre-orders, author events, and more.

Little Lamb Books is the result of a lifelong love of reading, a career of working with kids, and a faith in God that is not perfect, but is steady and strong. My hope is that Little Lamb Books can help create devoted readers through creative storytelling that enriches, inspires, and encourages our children as they grow from elementary school to junior high to high school. Thank you for visiting us.
Founder & Publisher – Rachel LaMonica Pellegrino

“What a bubble ride of hope! I read this to my grandchildren, and they loved repeating the words, “Splurt! Splat! Pop! Hey, little bubble, it's time to pop!" Amid the giggles and smiles, they learned something wonderful, too. God hears our prayers. Yep. Every single one. It's good to bind this message to their hearts, especially in our current world full of mega noise and unrest.”
Helen J.

The Bubble Who Would Not Pop

“I really enjoyed the story about a special group of young people from different backgrounds who had evident and latent abilities. These young people are brought together by a Steve Jobs type of young man who wants to use their abilities for a secret purpose. The young people are unaware of this until they are warned by a man who is sent by God to help them. You will have to read this book for yourselves to find out about the young people and their fate!”
Terry W.


“Great book with a great message. Read a chapter of this book to my daughter each night. Just before bed each night she asked if we could read "mustache". Great story with uplifting message and good characters. Easy read for parents that like chapters that are a perfect length for bedtime reading.”
Dan S.

Teeny Sweeny & the Mustache Cash