Summer Reading Bingo 2021

It’s the last week of July, and that means there is still plenty of time to get in some reading during the lazy, hazy days of summer.

So, whether you’re traveling to visit family or enjoying a staycation, finding time to visit your local library and check out books to read might be just the thing to entertain young minds and keep those literacy skills up. From mysteries to adventure and sports to animals, there are stories and books for every type of reader in every age range. And, we want to help!

You might need an extra incentive or nudge in the reading direction, so we’ve created an updated version of our popular Summer Reading Bingo chart just for you.



This one-page printable bingo sheet provides topics and themes for children’s books and allows you and your kiddo (regardless of reading level) to track their summer reading. You can set up a competition or you can allow them to do it leisurely. Of course, with school just around the corner, we suggest setting a deadline and adding an incentive, like a trip to the local snow cone shop, to make this fun for everyone. As a parent or guardian, you can get in on the fun by setting aside time in the morning or evening to read to your littles too!

Regardless of how you choose to utilize our Summer Reading Bingo sheet, the best part is the kiddos in your home are reading books…lots of books! And, they have fun doing it! It’s a win-win!

We loved making this Summer Reading Bingo page, and we hope you are able to use it to encourage the readers in your house all summer long! Just print it off and you’re ready to go!


P.S. If you’re looking for some book recommendations, check out our store front on Bookshop and you’ll see some classics as well as some new titles available now.