Your Monday Muse featuring ZOE Worship_May 2021

Good Morning Friends! This is your weekly reminder that God is your anchor and He offers hope in all circumstances.

In the midst of our trials, sometimes logic and emotions are at war with each other, and we can feel lost and drifting away from TRUTH.

But, whatever your facing this week in your home, your work, your school, or your life – big or small –  you can know without a doubt that you are NOT fighting your battles alone.

The Bible says in II Chronicles 7:14 that if we humble ourselves, and pray, and seek God’s face, and turn from their own ways, He will answer us. He longs for us to rely on Him and trust Him with our burdens.

So, today as you begin a new week, whatever is on your mind or worrying your heart, lay it at His feet and let God fight for you.

“Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.” Deuteronomy 3:22

Heavenly Father,  We give you this hour, this day, this week. We praise you in our storms and we lean into your promise to be with us and fight for us. We ask you to make our path clear and to show us what you would have us do in each of our circumstances. We thank you for your grace and mercy. Amen.