Your Monday Muse featuring Colton Dixon_April 2021

We hear from authors every day. Authors who dream big dreams and who have big plans.

They long to be published writers. They long for others to read their stories. They hope to build a career that involves being published multiple times.

But, we also hear about those that give up, feel adrift in the sea of querying, submitting, pitching, and writing.

It often can feel like a lost cause. The isolation while writing. The long waits. The rejection letters.

Patience is hard to have. Searching for an agent is difficult. Finding a publisher that will partner with an author feels like a long shot.

They are hoping for the impossible.

But God has a plan.

He didn’t just give this desire to write for it to be returned void.

He didn’t fill a writer’s thoughts with words, characters, and stories to only leave them in a side table drawer.

As a musician is called to play or sing, so a writer is called to read and write and tell stories.

He called each person for a specific time and place.

His vision might be different and come about in unique ways.

Maybe it’s freelance writing.

Maybe it’s Sunday school curriculum.

Maybe it’s a story in a compilation.

Maybe it’s non-fiction instead of fiction or young adult novels instead of children’s picture books.  

But the impossible IS POSSIBLE with Jesus. 

If you’re an author, don’t give up and don’t give in to despair.

Pray without ceasing. Rest in the Word of God. It will not be returned void.

Look for the opportunities that God brings your way.

Look for the possible within the impossible.


“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26


Heavenly Father, you’ve given so many writers beautiful stories to share with others, some for children and some for adults. We pray that, as they hone their craft and revise their manuscripts, you would give each person the patience, vision, and hope to take the next step. What seems impossible, is absolutely possible with you, and whether their story is read to just their family, shared in a classroom of children, or sold in multiple bookstores, you have a beautiful plan specific to each person. We seek your guidance and wisdom, perseverance and understanding. Thank you Lord for each journey. Amen.