Your Monday Muse featuring Elevation Rhythm_March 2021

How do you hear the Lord speak to you? Does He do it through songs? through scripture? during your prayers? Or maybe the Lord speaks to you with a quiet whisper? or a shout of attention-getting power?

Our world is so full of chaos and noise, so many voices clamoring for our attention. The world of voices is trying to sway us to be like them, buy their products, agree with their views and more. We can find ourselves lost in the buzz and commotion of everyone else’s opinions, thoughts, and words.

But, God’s voice reaches through all the noise and touches our heart. No matter how God speaks, it is our job to listen, even when it is hard and goes against what we want or feel or what we are being told by others, especially if they are not believers and speaking truth that aligns to His Word. We are children of the Almighty. We want to follow His will, His plan for our lives. If we listen and choose to follow Him, His voice will be clear and calm. His voice will counsel us, guard us, comfort us, fight for us, and teach us. Yes, we will make mistakes and wrong choices. Yes, we may struggle with hearing what He has to share with us. But, the beauty of a relationship with our Heavenly Father is that He loves us just the same and is always there to help us pick up the pieces afterward.

Today, as you start a new week, this Holy Week before Easter Sunday, take time to listen to the voice of Jesus. What is He leading you to do? to say? to feel? Lean into His Word and remember the sacrifice that He made so that you can move with purpose and power. Trust that His voice is speaking to you in the small things and big moments. He’s daily wanting to commune with you, to share with you, to love you.

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17

Thank you Jesus for sacrificing it all for us. Thank you for continuing to speak to us each day, whether soft or loud, and help us to keep our ears ready to listen. We are grateful that you care so much about each and every one of us that you would die on a cross for our sins. We love you Lord. Amen.