The Unshakeable Faith of Gus Mustardseed by Joshua and Sarah Lowe

Happy Book Birthday to The Unshakeable Faith of Gus Mustardseed by Joshua and Sarah Lowe. This bright, bold book is humorous and fun to read, while packing a powerful punch about the greatness of even a little faith. Sweet Gus Mustardseed is small, and clumsy, and not good at many things. But he knows one thing: God is great! Not only will Gus being small appeal to young readers of all ages, but watching his faith in action will encourage them to speak up about their faith and encourage them to get to know scriptures from God’s Word for themselves!

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Don’t judge a seed by its size!

Gus Mustardseed may be the smallest, clumsiest guy in town, but his faith is unmatched.

When a fire threatens his home, Gus boldly prays for God’s help.

The result is a lesson to children—and a reminder to their parents—that even the tiniest act of faith really can move mountains.


Happy Book Birthday Joshua and Sarah!