Your Monday Muse Playlist 2020 Review

Hi Friends! We hope your holidays have been joy-filled and festive. As we wrap up 2020, the year that tested us in every way, we wanted to share with you a recap of the music that we featured here on our blog. This is a playlist that you can take with you into 2021 and it is full of the songs that helped us kick-off each week in our Your Monday Muse posts.

These are the 24 songs (not including the Christmas titles) that we listened to throughout the spring and fall to encourage us, uplift us, and inspire us as we walked through this strange, difficult, and sometimes overwhelming year. As you pack up your holiday decorations and begin thinking about goals for next year, we hope listening to these songs again will nurture your spirit, remind you of God’s goodness, and encourage you to lean into His presence and purpose.

Praying for you to have a Happy, Healthy, and music-filled New Year! Be sure to keep following us as we share more encouragement for your week in 2021!