Your Monday Muse from Tauren Wells_September 2020

Good Morning! Nowadays, we spend so much time scrolling on social media to see what’s popular, famous, happening, ranking. It’s a constant inundation of what others are doing, creating, finding, sharing. This constant “pretty” view of those around us can leave us feeling unworthy and lonely, disgruntled and searching for someone or something to fill the void, that empty place inside us that longs for more, that longs to be seen, that longs for acceptance and love.

Yet, we already know the ONE who has done it all, seen it all, shared it all, felt it all, conquered it all. His name is Jesus and He is everything that we have heard Him to be. And, guess what? He LOVES us, accepts us as we are, and calls us to follow Him so He can use our character and personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, our successes and failures to change the world.


“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

Impossible is His starting point. 

Jesus turned water into wine and filled empty nets with fish.

He restored blind eyes and unstopped deaf ears.

He healed the sick and lame and resurrected the dead.

He closed the mouths of lions and calmed the stormy seas.

He showed courage and kindness in the face of persecution and cancellation.

He chose to die and then rose again in three days.

He doesn’t need pretty or photographic. He doesn’t need position or politics. He doesn’t need wealthy or powerful. He doesn’t need perfect.

He wants you. He wants me. He wants US.

You may be faced with feeling inadequate for the decisions you need to make, the purpose you feel called to pursue, the mountains you’re facing. But, all you have to do today is call on Jesus. Just say His name. Jesus.

All things are possible with Jesus. All of it.

ALL. The. Things.

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for a new week full of opportunities to be what you have called me to be and the courage to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on what YOU have called me to accomplish – in my home, in my community, in my church, in my work, and in my school. Help me to seek you first and to not give up when what I am called to feels impossible. Thank you for every blessing you’ve given me. I love you Lord Jesus. Amen.