Little Lamb Books Is Turning FIVE!

Today, is the FIFTH birthday of Little Lamb Books! We did it! We’ve been in business FIVE WHOLE YEARS! YAY! I am so grateful and in awe of what God is doing for us and through us each and every day. According to, a five-year-old experiences emotional extremes and contradictions, and I can totally relate to that! There are days it feels like we are just beginning, like when we start a brand new project and there are other days it feels like we have been working for-e-ver, like when we are nearing release day and we can’t wait for everyone to hold our awesome book in their hands.

Since our business is focused on kids, I thought it might be fun to compare our fifth year to that of a five-year-old. Are you ready for this?

Physical: At age five, kiddos are growing out of shoes and clothes by inches in length and width.

Yep, that’s us! We have been growing and it’s exhilarating and awe-inspiring. When we started as a company, we didn’t sign an author for a whole year. Today, we have been blessed with the opportunity to partner with a group 15 amazing authors, and we have released EIGHT entertaining, inspiring, and award-winning titles. And, there’s more to come. We currently have the potential for our catalog of titles to grow from eight to over twenty between now and 2022. WOW!


Social: At five, young children are making new friends and building close-knit relationships outside the family circle from school, church, sports teams, and more. 

I can’t even put into words what the relationships we’ve built mean to me. Starting a business and being an entrepreneur can be very lonely at times and you are constantly thinking about all the ways you can do better and be better. Over the past five years, I’ve met phenomenal publishers, talented designers and illustrators, encouraging bloggers and creative writers as well as conference hosts, bloggers, printers, distributors, marketers, web hosts, and other folks that have taught me so much on this business-owning journey. 


Emotional: A five-year-old is feeling all the feels while learning about empathy, conflict resolution, self-expression, and cooperation .

At five, we have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. When I launched Little Lamb Books in 2015, I never could have imagined all the highs and lows we would experience. We’ve faced persecution and attacks, struggled with the impact of COVID-19 on our release dates and sales, hurt from having to say goodbye to partnerships.  And yet, there are loads of beautiful moments and happiness, including seeing the joy of our authors when they receive their books, being selected as an award-winning title by a contest or group, meeting new faces and visiting new places. Our company is very family-oriented, hands-on, and personal and that means lots of emotions and feelings are involved. This is what makes us uniquely us.

Cognitive: By the time a child is five, he or she has a growing vocabulary, longer attention span, and is becoming more curious about ALL the things.

The fact is I love what I do and I love learning all about the industry that we are a part of because it changes regularly and it’s always evolving. When you love what you are working on, your business reaps the the benefits. We’ve participated in over a half-dozen writing workshops, conferences, and trade shows. We’ve shared our story on podcasts, webinars, and guest blog posts and series. As we move into our fifth year of business, we are preparing to introduce new titles (The Christmas Color releases in one month!), reveal new programs (Scribbler’s Symposium arrives in November), and offer new opportunities (LLB Gives Back) that we were only dreaming of when we opened for business in 2015.


The reality is no entrepreneurial path is perfect and I am not perfect by any means. This has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I am celebrating all that the Lord continues to do as this company grows physically, interacts socially, thrives emotionally, and learns cognitively. Little Lamb Books will continue to follow its mission to Shepherd the Next Generation of Faithful Readers, and we will keep HIM as the beacon of truth and light in each of our decisions, changes, and accomplishments. This week we’ll be sharing some the new things coming from us in the next twelve months, so be sure to follow along with us.

And, THANK YOU for following us through our newsletter, website and online media platforms. THANK YOU for supporting us in prayer. THANK YOU for purchasing our books, sharing our titles, and reading them to children, classes, and groups across the country. THANK YOU for helping Little Lamb Books celebrate turning FIVE!


Happy Birthday to us!


Rachel Pellegrino

Founder & Publisher