Shop Little Lamb Books Online

When you’re a parent looking for fresh content for your children, you want the convenience of shopping online as well as help finding wholesome and clean content that your children will enjoy reading and that you can trust. But, who has time to scroll Amazon for hours trying to find a trustworthy title, story, or author?

As a publisher of Christina children’s picture books, chapter books, and young adult novels, we want to partner with you to supply you with these books. All we publish is wholesome stories that will entertain your young child who loves silly stories, fun characters, and bright illustrations. We also have terrific titles for your busy tweens and teens. We want to come alongside of you and your family and help you find additional books for your family and not have to worry about the content. 

Right now, we are hosting a Kickstarter Campaign, and if you pledge ONE DOLLAR ($1.00), you will receive a PDF of our custom reading list for ages 4-18. We don’t just include the classics on this list. There are titles for elementary readers all the way up to avid young adult book lovers. And, while some titles are general market, the majority of them are by Christian authors writing for families wanting faith-based and values-driven stories. You can learn more or choose to donate on our Kickstarter page here.

Of course, we know finding ways to purchase books has become more challenging. As a small business we are feeling the impact of COVID-19 and its resulting shut-down. Not only has it been difficult to continue producing books, we know that our customers are finding it hard to get our books because so many bookstores are closing and many libraries are having limited access and limited book check-out. We wanted to be sure you knew that you can purchase our titles not only from big box stores like Target and Walmart, but you can also purchase them from us. Little Lamb Books has two easy-to-use store fronts for you to Christian fiction and non-fiction.

First, we have our website store, where all of our titles are available and where you can also place pre-orders and find new products that we share with our followers. You can pay via PayPal or credit card and we will process your order in-house and ship it directly to the address you provide.

Second, we have a brand new bookstore site at Bookshop, a site for independent bookstores and publishers, where we created a family-friendly site offering our award-winning titles, but also allowing you to browse our suggestions for elementary, middle grade, and young adult readers. You can order here, and it will ship directly to your home.

As our site says, we encourage you to browse whichever online shop fits your needs, and know that you’re gaining wonderful faith-based books for all the book-loving readers in your life.