Why I Write Children’s Books by Jean Matthew Hall

We asked each of the 14 authors on our current roster a variation of the question, Why do you write children’s books? and we loved their answers. We think you will too! If you missed the previous posts you can read them here, here, and here.  We will continue sharing the authors’ thoughts with you each week through our blog. So, get comfy, grab a glass of sweet tea, and be inspired.


Why do I write for children? I heard one author joke that, “it’s because adults aren’t smart enough to understand what I write.” There may be a touch of truth to that statement.

Joking aside, one of the reasons I write for children is quite selfish, really. It’s because I enjoy it so much.

Translating complex events, people, facts, and concepts into their simplest and easiest to understand terms is fun and deeply gratifying. It’s the challenge I face each time I write a manuscript for young children. I try to show them what things like love, forgiveness, and courage look like.

A second reason is that I am enamored with picture books. At their best they are the seamless weaving of art and text to not only tell a story, but to fascinate children into falling in love with books and reading and truth.

Picture books are also created to be an experience that bonds children with the adults who care enough to read to them. They provide opportunities for parents and other caregivers to snuggle up with the little people in their lives. This, hopefully, offers children not only a loving bond with books, but with those caring adults.

God gave me a propensity for language. He gave me a love for, and something of a gift for, communicating through words. I choose to use that gift to uplift children and to point them to Him. I also choose to use the small gift God has given me to worship Him by returning the products of that gift back to Him.

I pray He’ll use the words I pen to demonstrate His love, His grace, His blessings, His forgiveness and redemption to everyone who reads them—both children and adults.


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