Your Monday Muse 2020-Switch

Mondays y’all. Can I get an Amen?

Do you ever wonder what the disciples were feeling the day after Easter Sunday? Like, what can follow that?

They saw Jesus crucified and buried, then they found out He did exactly what He said He would and escaped the tomb, defeating death and the enemy. HE DID IT!

Don’t you think they were wondering…now what? What could possibly follow that?

The disciples were eating and talking and staying together not sure of what to do next. And, then Jesus appeared to them.

Talk about a surprise! They were focused on themselves and on what they had just experienced.

And, isn’t it like us now?

We are always so focused on what’s coming, what’s been planned, what’s expected of us, or what we’ve just gone through over the weekend.

Then, Monday comes and we feel unprepared, unrested, and even a bit shaken, especially during this time of COVID-19.

Each Monday, we feel lost and bewildered by all the changes, news, and obstacles we are facing.

But, we need to remember that Jesus is moving among us. He has risen and the SON of GOD is with us. He did what He said He would. He is victorious.

We can rejoice that God is with us and we can move into our week focused on what He has done in our lives.

And, we can proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ today and every day. Hallelujah!

I will tell of your goodness; all day long I will speak of your salvation, though it is more than I can understand. I will go in the strength of the Lord God; I will proclaim your goodness, yours alone.” Psalm 71:15-16