Each time we begin working on one of our picture books, the goal is to have beautiful, colorful, and amazing artwork that will capture the reader’s imagination while also moving the story along from page to page. We love introducing you to the awesome illustrators we partner with, and we want to put a spotlight on our picture book Good Night, Fireflies by Janet Christensen and illustrated by the amazingly talented Francesca Pesci.

It’s my pleasure to share our behind-the-scenes interview with Francesca, who is from Italy, and whose work is so vibrant and colorful. She was a joy to work with and captured our vision for Landon and his interaction with the fireflies in the night sky. I’m thrilled for you to learn more about her passion for illustrating children’s books.

What is something unique you would you recommend to those visiting where you live? Discover all the hidden places and passages behind the historical monuments and nearby at Collodi. There’s a thematic park dedicated to Pinocchio; it’s his homeland.

When did you realize that you wanted to spend your life drawing? I draw ever since I was a child, and growing up I kept increasing this passion. I chose to study drawing to make my passion become my work.

How did you turn your passion into a career? I did my A levels in Art, Art History and Design Technology before doing an Art Degree. I continued creating art in various forms and using different mediums, until I found what I really wanted to do, which was card and book illustration.

What are five objects we would find in your favorite workspace? My showcase with all my inspirations, photos, and illustrations from other artists, books bought during travels, my collection of action figures and super heroes, my tea cup, and my cat lying down under my computer screen trying to grab my graphic pen.

What does a typical day look like for you? Like most illustrators, I work a lot of hours in my studio alone in my house, but during the day, there are also many exchanged of mail and information between my art directors or colleagues with which I collaborate often.

What did you enjoy about illustrating Good Night, FirefliesI really loved the atmosphere created and I also believe that it gives a very delicate and profound message at the same time.

What advice would you give to an aspiring illustrator? Practice and study a lot the basics of drawing. Study, as an example, the great illustrators and and don’t be discouraged!

Crayons or Markers? Why? I love colored pencils because they give the possibility to create a good result. For market needs now, I work only digitally, but I really like acrylic tempera also.

What makes you happiest or brings you the most joy about what you do? In my spare time I love walking in the woods, going to the mountains, everything that is in nature. If I’m at home, it makes me happy to bake cakes.


Thank you Francesca for sharing your talent with us and for doing such a beautiful job on Good Night, Fireflies! You can view more about Francesca and her illustrations via The Lemonade Agency on her website. Good Night, Fireflies written by author Janet L. Christensen is available now in our online store as well as online with Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and more independent bookstores. Order a copy today for the young reader in your life that needs to be encouraged have faith over fear!