Your Monday Muse 2020-Natalie Grant

When you wake up today, you may be hard pressed to smile. You may feel weighted down by the battle going on in the world around us.

There is sickness and disease. There is panic and fear. There are arguments and lies. There are disappointments and frustrations.

These are always around us, but today you may feel them weighing on you, keeping you for your joy and peace.

I want to encourage you today sweet friends. Hold on tight to the TRUTH of God’s Holy Word.

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only Be Still.” Exodus 14:14

He is right there with you covering you with his outstretched arms.

He sees you trying to keep up your home in the middle of the long days full of messes, meals, and kids.

He knows what’s in your bank account and how low the funds might be right now.

He is in the kitchen where your pantry might be looking bare and the shelves might not allow for big meals.

He sees you tossing and turning at night when sleep is hard to come by.

More important than all of that, He hears your constant prayers for provision, safety, healing, patience, help and peace.

Hang on tight. Don’t stop believing in His truths. Don’t stop trusting Him for resolutions. Don’t stop fighting back against the enemy with scriptures.

Move forward wearing the armor of Christ daily and praise His name in worship and prayer. He hears you. He sees you. He knows you.

If you are struggling today, write scriptures on index cards or post-its, and place them around your home.

If you are lonely today, FaceTime or Zoom call your bestie, your sibling, or your life group leader.

If you are hurting today, pick up the phone and call a friend, family member, or pastor.

If you are missing a loved one, write them a card or letter and let them know it.

If you are sick today, reach out to your family and ask them to help you even if it’s just to take the kids for an hour so you can rest.

Remember, you have a weapon stronger than any other and HE will fight every battle on our behalf and demolish the enemy that threatens you.

He is your weapon!

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.” II Corinthians 10:4