Your Monday Muse 2020-Gateway Worship (Ft. Zac Rowe)

How quickly our world has been changed since our last post. We knew a week ago that things were spinning out of control and that there was a new urgency to our days, but we couldn’t know that schools would be closed, churches would have to meet online, store shelves would be left bare, and social distancing would become the most important catch phrase from the media as they put Coronavirus details on constant rotation.

It can feel like we are living in a war zone and the fear, pain, worry, and panic can overwhelm even the most sensible of thoughts and minds. 


Do we know all the answers to all the questions? No, we don’t.

Is it inconvenient for stores, schools, and businesses to be closed? Yes.

Are we concerned and needing to be cautious about where we go and how we interact? Certainly.


What can you do TODAY?

You can pray PEACE over your heart today.

We can lay all of our worries at the feet of JESUS and He will take it all.

You can pray COURAGE over each fear today.

We can read His WORD and allow those scriptures to lift our spirits.

You can pray for strong FAITH over each doubt that tries to take hold.

We can call on His NAME and He will be right beside us, carrying us, protecting our families, encouraging our children, providing for our parents, refreshing our friendships.

You can PRAY alone or We can PRAY together knowing that when we call on the NAME OF JESUS, the HOLY SPIRIT will fill our rooms, our homes, our hearts.

Today if you are searching for calm in the storm and peace in the chaos, trust in our FATHER GOD, sing your worship to Him, and release all your burdens to Him.

He’s big enough, strong enough, and loves you enough to take them from you and give you PEACE.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” Isaiah 26:3-4