Welcome Our New Children’s Author – Patti Richards!

As authors submit their queries to Little Lamb Books, they often wonder what we think, and if we don’t reply within a matter of a few weeks or even a few months they may worry that their manuscript is bad (Say it ain’t so, y’all!) or that we might be ignoring them (Not even close to true). In reality, we’ve often either already seen a similar story or possibly we don’t feel we are the best fit, but mostly as a young trade publisher with a small team, we receive hundreds of submissions and just can’t always answer every query with a personal note like we might want.

This actually happened with our next author announcement. We received Patti’s initial manuscript in February of 2019, and truth be told, it sat in our email queue throughout most of the year. Then, we participated in #PBPitch, and a pitch there caught our eyes and the author name seemed vaguely familiar. When I reached out to Patti in October, I felt silly because so much time had passed between her original query and the pitch party. I didn’t know if either manuscript was still available, but I swallowed my pride and reached out anyway! I’m so very glad I did!

Much to my joy and amazement, both stories were open for acquisition, so we scheduled a chat, spent some time discussing options, and then sent her an offer! Each story is a perfect fit for our catalog and I’m super thrilled to formally announce that we’ve acquired the rights to two picture books by Patricia (Patti) Richards, including Mrs. Noah (Fall 2021), a book about the other side of the ark story that focuses on the celebration of love, which is the motivation behind all the amazing things people do to make a house a home, even a floating one as well as Millie’s Christmas Miracle (Fall 2022), a story about how even the smallest person (or mouse) can make a big difference when they give God their very best! 

We think you’ll love getting to know Patti, so we’re sharing 11 questions from our Author Q&A, and inviting you to join her for more details via her website and social media sites (see those below).



Where do you call home? Farmington Hills, Michigan

Describe your family. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Gene. We’ll celebrate 30 years in June of 2020. We have three adult children: Wesley, Julia, and Olivia. Our oldest is married; our middle child graduated from college last spring and the youngest is almost finished with college. 

What is your earliest memory of your childhood? Wow, that’s a tough one because I remember so many. One of my favorite early memories is riding on my dad’s shoulders while we walked the property my parents had just purchased from my granddaddy in Tennessee. We walked through corn that was as tall as my dad and I could see the cows!

What was your favorite job experience? I LOVED teaching middle school! Not many teachers do, and only teachers who love middle schoolers should ever try it!

What is your life motto? “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind!” II Timothy 1:7

What has been your biggest inspiration for wanting to write and publish children’s literature? My own three children, and the need for fun books that have a big message.

Do you have any quirky or unique writing habit? I must be at my desk with my space heater blowing, no music and a supply of dark chocolate at the ready.

What do you think makes a good story? A strong main character, a compelling problem and an authentic voice.

Have you published any other children’s or YA books, novels, etc.? Yes! I have three nonfiction books and one ebook.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Gardening, boating, bike riding

Do you prefer coffee or tea (or both, or neither)? I’m a tea, hot or iced, and Diet Coke lover. Although I do enjoy a tasty hot café mocha on occasion.

We are excited to welcome Patti to our Little Lamb Books family and encourage you to visit with her on your favorite social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Throughout the year, we will share more about Patti’s books and the new details when we can about Mrs. Noah and Millie’s Christmas Miracle, so stay tuned by signing up for our monthly newsletter! Welcome Patti!

Lambie Love,