How to Create a Schedule at Home During Covid-19

Hi Y’All! We know Spring Break has been extended for most schools around the country, which means that for many families, including our own, kids of all ages are unexpectedly back at home before or after family plans have been cancelled. Many parents are wondering what they can do to fill their days while hanging onto all the learning their kids were working on in the classrooms.

Since heading out to local attractions and amusements is not recommended in order to limit exposure and the spread of Covid-19, Little Lamb Books wants to help keep your day from melting into a messy puddle of chaos and confusion. 

As educators will tell you, boys and girls of all ages thrive with some sort of structure to their day, which is what they are accustomed to when they are in school. Moms and Dads, Grandparents, and other guardians who are looking at two to three weeks at home can keep the schedule as loose or as rigorous as desired, but by sticking to some sort of schedule or routine, kids can continue to thrive and learn…and you can carry on with your day to day with just a few simple adjustments.

To that end, we wanted to share with you a basic schedule to help you brainstorm ideas by time, subject, and content. Obviously, you are free to adjust the schedule to better fit your children’s ages, grade levels, and attention spans. You can also adjust to add more free time, activity time, family interaction, etc. The best way to create a schedule is to break up the hours of the day that your kiddos would normally be in school into small chunks of time or increments of learning. Then, post your schedule, whether hand written or typed, on the fridge or your family bulletin board. This allows everyone to know what to work on or what comes next in case whoever is at home with them is on a work call, busy with laundry, or working on another project and unable to assist.

We hope this schedule is helpful and that you can use it to smooth out your day until either our kiddos are back in school or the schools are able to send out suggested learning models. Be sure to stay tuned tomorrow for a list of ideas we have collected to keep your kids active and entertained WITHOUT screens.