Activity Learning Links for Home Bound Families

You guys! There are so many great ideas for how to help your kids stay busy and LEARN during their time off from school, but finding those ideas can feel time-consuming and overwhelming. So, we wanted to help you out and post some awesome links by content and subject matter that might make your planning for week go a little bit better. Also, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page to get more ideas for crafts, activities, and options for kids to play and learn at home! We pray you will be blessed and at peace over the next few weeks as you spend time with your family.


Bible – Most students who attend public school, don’t have Bible time, but since we’re in the season of Lent and are preparing for Easter, what better way to prepare their hearts than a few fun arts and crafts?!

Veggie Tales

ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History

Focus on the Family

The Gospel Project

Bible Baton

Intentional By Grace

Slugs & Bugs

Reading & Writing – Most families will have books at home – either from school or the local library. Separate time into increments of 20-30 minutes to read and practice printing or writing in cursive, like writing a letter to mail to a friend. 



Storyline Online

ABC Mouse

Story Monsters Ink


Oxford Owl

History – America is full of historical time periods and events, but there’s also historical inventors and leaders, European events, and local stories. You can incorporate history knowledge based on previous travel plans, current interests, or state by state details.  

Who Was Book Series

Smithsonian for Kids

American Museum of Natural History

Britannica for Kids

Science – Science is all about experimenting, building, inventing, and trying our theories based on Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and more.

San Diego Zoo

Generation Genius

Yellowstone National Park

Mars Exploration

NASA Kids Club

Nat Geo Kids

Math – You can find math in a variety of activities from baking and cooking to playing with LEGOS.

30 Day Lego Challenge Calendar from Views From A Step Stool

Art – Art can be incorporated into any subject and it enhances the content with hands-on learning.

Lunch Doodles with award-winning children’s author Mo Willems

Draw Every Day with JJK

Hello Kids


Other – Helpful sites for just for language learning, specialty shows, and just for fun.

Highlights Kids

PBS Kids

Adventure Academy

Kids Discover



P.S. We do NOT receive any affiliate compensation nor is Little Lamb Books affiliated with any of these programs, websites, companies, or blogs. We just wanted to share resources that might be helpful for the days of at home learning.