In the past, I never really had a problem with setting resolutions for the new year. I loved the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings. Every time January rolled around, I would pull out a fresh tablet (of paper y’all!), and I would list all my ideas for health and happiness.

However, as I got married, had my daughter, started a business, I found myself juggling all of my resolutions, and choosing my priorities within the list didn’t blend well with the myriad of responsibilities, tasks, errands, and activities that I was doing day in and day out. Needless to say, over the previous decade there hasn’t been much time for checking things off the long list I compiled annually.

Then, about five years ago, I learned about friends and family choosing a Word for the Year, and as a former teacher and an everyday lover of books, I was immediately drawn into this aspect of goal planning and preparing for the next twelve months.

However, to be honest, some years the words are harder to come by. For instance, last year our word was IMPACT…. however, as the days of 2019 unfolded, I realized that I didn’t feel like our impact was strong or being fulfilled, and I was distracted by how much what was happening in real time wasn’t fulfilling the word’s definition or purpose. It’s one of the first times I can remember struggling to implement the purpose of the word I had chosen.

So, this year I was a bit hesitant. While I usually start thinking of a variety of words around October or November, I had been putting it off. Then one night near Thanksgiving, I was having a chat (praying) with God while I was in the shower, and I wasn’t particularly focused on giving thanks, but instead I was irritated with how the year was ending in some personal areas and was struggling with some tough decisions and choices that had to be made. My side of the conversation was heavy on listing my complaints and reasons for their accuracy and light on praise and gratitude. 

[Anyone else have those types of chats with The Almighty? Yes? Okay, good. So glad to know I’m not alone.]

It was while my tears and the shower water were mixing that I felt like God leaned over me and whispered one word and it filled my head, heart, and soul. I immediately felt a peace cover me and the calm of knowing He heard me, really heard my heart, not just my words. Leaning into His calm quiet whisper was soothing to the pain and hurt I was feeling in that moment.

For a few days after that I chose not to share my word with anyone. I spent some time relishing the idea that He had picked the word for me and I allowed myself to dwell on what it might look like when applied to goals I had been considering for 2020.

I’m so grateful that God knows just what we need when we need it…so, here’s my word for 2020:


“Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” Philippians 4:9

I want so much for God to move through me and our family, through our company and the books we produce in order to tell His stories and uplift families across the country. I want to take all that we know about God’s gifts to us and all that we’ve learned and apply it with courage and confidence. As we walk through 2020, it won’t be without it’s struggles and challenges, but I’m clinging to the knowledge that God is with me, with us, and HE has plans for this year that I can’t even imagine and HE will NURTURE each and every step we take from January to December. What a blessing!

Happy New Year!

Lambie Love,