Kind Soup by Jean Petersen

Happy Book Birthday to our latest picture book release this fall! Kind Soup is a yummy treasure that will encourage and inspire families to take part in acts of kindness for generations to come. Written by author Jean Petersen and illustrated by Janet Samuel, Kind Soup is a delicious story that makes the Fruits of the Spirit relatable to little children—and their parents—in a cookbook styling that encourages young children who love to pour, mix, and stir. Be sure to request a copy at your local library and order a hard cover or paperback from our online shop, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and wherever children’s books are sold.


Kate and Mommy are busy in the kitchen making a soup full of . . . fruit! Wait a minute, isn’t soup usually made of vegetables? Well, not this soup!

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control—it’s these traditional Fruits of the Spirit that Kate and her mom are cooking up in the kitchen and that turn an ordinary day in the kitchen into a celebration of the extraordinary gifts that Jesus offers to all of us.

The best part of making Kind Soup is the feeling you get when you share it.” -Kate

Come along for the journey in composing a soup that feeds the soul. Kind Soup is wrapped in prayer and ladled out with love. This divine recipe is as much a joy to make as it is to share!


Happy Book Birthday Jean!