Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo by Shelly Roark

Happy Book Birthday to our second picture book release this month! Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo, a bright and colorful picture book that is a fun read for kids and parents, is the second picture book from award-winning author Shelly Roark. Kids will love the illustrated animals and their antics and parents will love the sweet message and family focus. Be sure to order your copy from our online shop, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and wherever children’s books are sold.


The only thing better than a turtle for a pet is . . . a whole zoo right in your home!

Gracie Lou wants nothing more for her pet turtle, George, than for him to have friends. But Mom and Dad insist that their city apartment is too small to house a monkey, or a duck, or a giraffe, or an elephant. They say she needs to be patient and trust in God’s plan, except Gracie Lou’s not sure she can wait that long.

“Be patient and try to understand. There’s a place and time for God’s plan. He’ll take care of you . . . even if you want a zoo!”

After a wild night spent with a houseful of rowdy zoo animals give her a lesson in the value of patience and God’s perfect timing, Gracie Lou learns that God has a great plan for her . . . if she can just wait for it!

Written by Shelly Roark, the award-winning author of The Bubble Who Would Not POP! and illustrated by the talented Simone Krüger, Gracie Lou Wants A Zoo is a delightful message of God’s love for all of His children, especially those who have ever wondered about His plan for them.


Happy Book Birthday Shelly!