Your Monday Muse July 2019-For King and Country

Contribution by Soleil Bourdon, Little Lamb Books Intern

So often we try to hide away the struggles we daily face.

When we look at others we see them living their lives so carefree, we begin to think that our problems are something others don’t, and can’t, face. That no one understands.

This is hardly the case. We are all struggling with something on some level. Whether others can tell or we let them see is a different matter.

For those who silently struggle to get through each day, remember that You are NOT invisible.

You are seen by your Creator, who made both heaven and earth … Who named you a secret name … Who wrote down your story before you were even born.

He knows what you are struggling through, and knows what you need.

Him. God. Your Heavenly Father.

In your weakness turn to Him because through Him you will make it through your trials. When you have no support, He will be your foundation. When you are lost He will guide you. And when you think you cannot take another step further He will carry you.

“…I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20