5 Fun Fourth of July Family Activities

Written by Kayla Landis, Little Lamb Books intern

The biggest holiday of the summer is the Fourth of July. It is a great way to bring community and family together to celebrate the birthday of our country and the freedoms granted to those of us living in the United States. The day is filled with fun, food, and lots of red, white, and blue. We love all the classic activities that make this day special, including our top five picks for fun family times.

1) Go to a local parade. Most cities hold a Fourth of July parade in the morning where they pass out candy and fun prizes. It is a great way to get the whole family out of the house and connect with the community. Grab a few chairs and blankets and get ready for the fun to pass right in front of you.


2) Make an Independence Day Food.There are not any specific meals for this holiday, but if you add red, white, and blue to any dish, then it is guaranteed to be a hit. Your kids will love the themed food for this day, and it is a great way to get the whole family involved. Check out our Pinterest album for some tasty suggestions!


3) Make an Independence Day Craft. Arts and crafts can be an easy way to entertain kids, and the Fourth of July gives you so many fun choices! When I was little, I had a few favorite crafts to make. Making a red white and blue bracelet was by far at the top of my list. My mom would lay out string and different types of red, white, and blue beads. I would spend so long picking out the perfect beads for my bracelet, and then show off the finished product to everyone I saw later that day.

4) Have a picnic.Whether this takes place in your backyard or in a park, the result is the same, you get to spend quality time outside with your family. Bring a blanket and some food (and the bug spray too!) and watch as your kids run around soaking in the joy of the day.

5) Finally, fireworks. At this point in the day, you are most likely exhausted and ready to sit and watch the fireworks light up the sky. This is a good chance for you to relax and reflect on the incredible memories you made with your family. Check your local newspaper or news station’s website for a list of local options.


The Fourth of July is a day filled with fun and festivities, and it’s a great time to bring everyone you love together in celebration. We hope you enjoy some of these fun activities with your friends and family this year, and have a safe and happy July 4th!