Welcome Our New Children’s Author-Janelle Higdon!

We have been hosting #FaithPitch for three years this June. When we do this event, we invite a variety of CBA agents and editors interested in faith-based fiction and non-fiction to join us. We never know who will be in attendance, but even if we don’t find authors for our roster, we are so blessed to see connections made for so many others.

However, our last event of 2018 brought us one of our latest authors and we are super blessed that she decided to not only participate, but then follow-up with her query to us. The connection we made was for a project that we believe will be encouraging to so many kiddos. We are thrilled to introduce to you our next new children’s picture book author, Janelle Higdon!

During the day, Janelle works as a marketing strategist, is mom to a three-year-old, and manages her lifestyle blog. She piqued our interest in her manuscript with the following pitch:

Fizzy loved to leap and twirl in dance class until she faced the mirror, and her first body image anxiety (her fluffy orange hair). After trying desperately to fix it, she learns to find her identity in Jesus, not how she looks. #faithpitch #ER #christianfiction

Of course, we had to see more. We love stories that allow us to encourage kids in being who God has created them to be, and after reading the manuscript, we knew that we had to have this fun and fulfilling story.

We asked Janelle ten questions (plus one more!) in a quick Q&A so you could get to know her and hear about ways to follow her. Welcome Janelle!

Where do you call home? Edina, Minnesota

Describe your family. I’ve been married to my husband, Taylor, for seven years and we have one son, Owen, who is almost four. We also have dog Mango, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

What is your earliest memory of your childhood? I remember being in preschool, defending a friend of mine from another kid who was throwing Duplo blocks.

What would you tell high school You about Jesus?  I would tell my high school self to trust that Jesus’s grace is not given based on performance. I would tell myself to trust Him more.

What do you think makes a good story? I think a good story consists of beautifully dynamic characters filled with consistent inconsistencies. While I might not remember all of the details of a good story, I will remember the part that triggered an emotional response.

What made you choose to participate in #FaithPitch in November? I discovered #Faithpitch while I was researching Christian publishing agents. I had seen some pitch wars on Twitter previously, but assumed that the field was too saturated for a “newby” like me. #Faithpitch was a perfect fit!

After receiving a like, what made me want to query? When I received a heart/like from Little Lamb Books, I was eager to query. I had already researched the company and was impressed by the mission. Little Lamb Books also holds this perfect little niche in the publishing world–Christian children’s books! It was exactly what I was hoping to find in my search for a publisher. 

Who is your main audience? My primary audience is young girls, age 5-8, but more broadly, it’s for teaching all children (and their parents) where true identity is found.

What is your picture book about? What happens when a child looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what they see? You’ll meet Fizzy, a joyful little girl with enormous hair. During a weekly dance class, she experiences her first body image insecurity and within the story we find the lengths she’ll go to fit in and how her mom helps her learn what it means to find her identity in Jesus—not what she looks like.

Who is your favorite fictional hero(ine)? That’s such a hard question! I think it might be Eustace Scrubb from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. He starts off completely unfriendly in every way, but goes through such a wonderful transformation.

Do you prefer coffee or tea (or both, or neither)? Lemon Zinger Herbal tea

We are happy to welcome Janelle to our Little Lamb Books family and hope you will subscribe to her newsletter, visit her website, and get to know her on Twitter or Instagram. Our kids need to be confident in their unique qualities and know that God (and their families) love them just the way they are. Thanks Janelle for writing this awesome story! We will keep everyone posted on the plans for Fizzy so stay tuned for more news throughout the year by signing up for our monthly newsletter!

Lambie Love,