Your Monday Muse April 2019-Chris Tomlin

We received a really good reminder from our pastor this weekend…and it’s a bit deep…are you ready for it?

Temporary things satisfy us temporarily. But, God’s love and salvation fulfill us forever.

Only our Heavenly Father can satisfy our needs, our yearnings, our cravings.

Isn’t that so truthful and doesn’t it hit you where you with all the feels?

The latest technology is temporary. 

Your most recent meal is temporary.

That new car smell is temporary.

A new pair of shoes is temporary.

Your most recent award is temporary.

So is your loneliness, frustration, fear, depression, anxiety.

It’s all fleeting, changing, limited, and momentary.

But God is eternal, enduring, permanent.

His JOY is overflowing.

His KINDNESS never wavers.

His LOVE is never changing.

His WORD is never false.

His FORGIVENESS is never withheld.

God is always and forever and ever.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8