Your Monday Muse March 2019-Newsboys

Can you feel it? Do you hear it? Have you tasted it? Do you see it? Can you smell it?

Faith is often about trusting that God is who He says He is in His Word. And, as a believer walking in our current society, that can be difficult. It’s okay to acknowledge that the world is chaotic and we are struggling in knowing who to believe among all the fake news.

Yet, there are very real, very tangible ways we know that God is alive, moving around us and through us.

The feel of the wind across our skin as we walk through our neighborhoods.

The sound of our children singing and praising Him with all their being as they swing at the playground.

The taste of the meal we eat as we engage with our family and friends around the dinner table.

The shared hug we see happening between friends as they comfort one another during a personal experience.

The scent of fresh flowers blooming between the cracks of a sidewalk as they awake after a long winter to welcome spring.

If you’re struggling to lean into the goodness of God, stop what you’re doing for just a moment and allow yourself to breathe Him in. Take time to drown out the negative and naysayers by experiencing the positive, tangible proof that God LIVES. He is with you, holding your hand, carrying you when you falter, loving you immensely, and calling you His very own. Believe in the power and majesty and truth of who He is.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

Appreciate the goodness and realness of the Lord today!