Our #19Before2019

There are less than two months before the end of another year. For some of us, it means it’s a time of energy and efficiency as we start checking things off the to do list made at the beginning of the year. But for others, it can leave a feeling of disappointment or even anxiety because we don’t feel like we achieved all we had hoped to in the previous ten months.

So, we’ve decided to try and help.

Regardless of what you call it … goal sheets, bucket lists, etc. …there are always simple actions you can take without adding to your stress or causing overwhelm. We’ve put together two lists (one for everyone and one specifically for writers) of easy-to-do ideas that will leave you feeling accomplished before the year is out. Enjoy!

For everyone…

  1. Choose one scripture per room in your home to post as encouragement and inspiration for the new year
  2. Declutter one room, closet, or bookshelf of your home a week for the next eight weeks
  3. Clean off and organize the digital photos from your smart phone & back them up
  4. Host a board game night with friends or family
  5. Read one new-to-you book a week, like LAUNCH by our author Jason C. Joyner
  6. Sell or donate old clothes (not worn in the last year) and shoes to a local homeless shelter
  7. Unsubscribe from all the junk mail sitting in your email
  8. Visit at least one museum in your area
  9. Have updated personal or family photos taken to commemorate the year
  10. Attend a performance at your local school or community theater
  11. Make a physical or digital scrapbook of memorable moments from the year
  12. Volunteer with a local non-profit, like Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army Bell Ringers
  13. Drink more water daily to increase your health
  14. Subscribe to your choice of monthly or quarterly box subscription for the new year
  15. Choose and listen to a podcast series while you walk around your neighborhood
  16. Try cooking at least two new recipes (1 in November, 1 in December), like this lovely Mini Corn Loaves recipe from The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond
  17. Have your annual health exam: check your cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.
  18. Renew your passport at your local USPS…You never know where 2019 might take you
  19. Create a Vision Board for your 2019 goals

For writers…

  1. Create an engaging website with appealing content
  2. Enter a Contest (or two or three).
  3. Be a Guest Blogger or Guest Speaker on at least three different websites, podcasts, or webinars
  4. Choose at least one conference, writers retreat, or workshop you’ll attend in 2019, like the Florida Christian Writers Conference, and start making your travel plans
  5. Build your marketing plan for each month in 2019
  6. Send out (at the very least) nine (9) Thank You cards, handwritten, to those who’ve helped you produce or publish your title – editors, agents, designers, illustrators, etc.
  7. Read nine (9) books in your genre, age group, area of interest or specialty. If you’re a picture book author, check out The Bubble Who Would Not POP! by award-winning author Shelly Roark.
  8. Interact with your audience – write your blog, send an email to your subscribers, etc.
  9. Participate in #FaithPitch (or another Twitter Pitch Party) as a tool to network and receive feedback your peers and industry pros
  10. Choose at least one non-profit or charity to give, volunteer, or donate to before December 31 (examples: Compassion International or American Cancer Society, etc.)
  11. Choose a social media account and master it
  12. Collaborate with other authors on a project (booth, anthology, critiques, etc.)
  13. Take a writing at your local junior college or in a class online, like with Serious Writer
  14. Offer to write honest reviews of titles by fellow authors to show your support.
  15. Get a professional headshot taken
  16. Create a FB group for your fans and followers.
  17. Join writing/author groups and build online relationships to start networking with other writers.
  18. Host a holiday contest to boost your subscriber list
  19. Write your next book