#FaithPitch 2019 News

2019 is right around the corner (like in 32 days), and after our terrific turnout for the November event, we are now looking ahead to the new season of #FaithPitch.

We started hosting #FaithPitch in 2016, and at that time we only held the event once, in June, and the turn out was quite small. Rightfully so considering no one had heard of us and the concept was still rather new within the publishing world.

There were already a few pitch events happening, including the original #PitMad created by NY Times bestselling author Brenda Drake, however, when we launched #FaithPitch, we did so because there wasn’t a single pitch party available specifically for writers of faith-based fiction and we saw these writers getting lost in the feed of the general market events and the myriad of genres and categories being pitched.

We knew we wanted to bring together our CBA industry and felt compelled to fill in the gap by creating a way to connect our fellow agents and editors to writers seeking representation. We couldn’t be more humbled and thrilled to be a part of the successes we are seeing come from #FaithPitch as we grow each year, both for the writers signing contracts and the literary agents and publishing editors finding fresh talent.

Now hosting three (3) events each year, we are super excited to make changes once again to allow for more success stories to happen.

We have been asked on more than one occasion if we could expand the #FaithPitch categories from just fiction to non-fiction.

And, for 2019, we’ve said YES!

#FaithPitch will now be hosted specifically for writers of faith-based fiction and non-fiction in February 2019, June 2019, and November 2019.

[bctt tweet=”NEW News! #FaithPitch will now be hosted specifically for faith-based fiction AND non-fiction in February, June, and November of 2019.” username=”littlelambbooks”]


Which brings us to the second change. Due to some conflicting events AND the fact that Thanksgiving in November 2019 is on our usual date choice, we’ve had to adjust our schedule a bit. The calendar dates for the 2019 #FaithPitch events are (drum roll please):

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (before Thanksgiving)


The third change is a small adjustment. Since we’re adding non-fiction to the accepted manuscript forms, we are also going to require that each pitch not only include the hashtag #FaithPitch, but also include either #F for fiction or #NF for non-fiction, plus a tag identifying age/genre in your pitch. This addition to the hashtags required per pitch is necessary to help agents and editors browsing the feed.

And, we all want to make it as easy as possible for the pros to find your pitch, yes? Yes! We will be expanding the hashtag list in the coming days on our web page to show all the different genres and sub-genres. 

The rest of the participation guidelines will remain…

  • The event will continue to be hosted for one day three times a year from 8am to 8pm Central Standard Time (CST).
  • Your pitch will need to be 280-characters or less (unless Twitter makes changes).
  • Your pitch should be for a manuscript written from a biblical worldview.
  • The event is still only for manuscripts that are completed, edited, and ready to be submitted to agencies and publishers.
  • You will be able to pitch each different manuscript four (4) times during the day between 8am-8pm CST.
  • You will still need to leave hearts/likes for the industry experts that follow the feed. RT/Comment to show author support.
  • The event is for unpublished manuscripts. If you are already agented, notate “agented” in your pitch.
  • Art/Graphics/Illustrations are NOT allowed, unless you are an author/illustrator pitching a picture book or graphic novel. No Ads will be allowed.
  • The event is open to manuscripts for audiences from children to teens to adults. This means board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books, novels, memoirs, etc.

We are so thankful for all those who have participated in our events, including the agents and editors who take time from their busy schedules to follow the feed looking for fresh talent and stories. It is our hope that #FaithPitch will continue to grow and have more and more success stories to share.

Be sure to bookmark our website and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date and see reminders throughout the year, and be sure to add the new 2019 #FaithPitch dates to your calendar!

We wish you all the best and ask that you share the changes and details about this opportunity with your followers, fellow writers, and industry peeps everywhere! 

Ciao! We’ll see you February!