18 Reasons We Love Fall

We live in Texas. So, generally speaking, we have two seasons…summer and, well, okay, just one season.

However, every now and then we get a few days of autumn thrown in with cooler temps and balmy winds before winter tries to show up.

And, since Saturday was the first day of the autumnal equinox (according to the calendar), we wanted to celebrate all things fall on the blog by sharing our Top 18 Reasons We Love Fall.


1. Football Season Begins

2. The Color Orange

3. New School Supplies


4. Cozy Pajama Pants

5. Pumpkin Patches


6. Craft Fairs & Harvest Festivals

7. Desserts (Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie…yum!)

8. Curling Up to Read


9. Halloween Candy


10. Campfires & S’Mores


11. Sunday Afternoon Naps

12. Leaf Colors


13. Fall Fashion Accessories

(scarves, knit hats, cozy socks, jackets, etc.)

14. Thanksgiving Feast

15. Jazz Music


16. Porch Decorations


17. Star Gazing

18. Christmas is Almost Here!


There’s more we could’ve shared but this is our Top 18 for 2018!

Did any of yours make the list?

Share your Fall Favorites with us on social media today! 

Happy Fall Y’All!!