Introducing Our 2018 Summer Interns

Little Lamb Books is proud to introduce our two new interns, Megan Burkhart and Alyssa Roat! We are thrilled to have these young women join our Little Lamb Books flock and take part in a behind-the-scenes learning experience. Since they’ve already jumped in to assist with #FaithPitch, we can’t wait for you to get to know them better. So, without further ado…

Megan Burkhart

Megan Burkhart grew up on fairy tales and a strong dislike of night-night time. Now, as a professional writing student at Taylor University, she is writing her own stories and is grateful for naps every once in awhile. When not writing, reading, or staying up a little too late, Megan loves to travel with her family to faraway places and find adventure. However, she will always be smitten with the mitten state of Michigan, which she calls home. She is excited to be interning for Little Lamb Books, and you can learn more about her at her website:


Alyssa Roat

Alyssa Roat is a professional writing major at Taylor University. Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, her love of words blossomed while she spent her days hiding from the scorching desert sun in dim rooms with thick books. She emerged from her dark, bookish cave to attend college, where her articles were featured in several publications. Now, she is often found writing and editing in the much cooler sunlight of Indiana. Follow her on social media @alyssawrote or at her website

We are grateful to add these two talented interns to our staff this summer, and can’t wait to see all the amazing contributions they’re going to make to our authors, to our books, and to the future of publishing.

Welcome Megan and Alyssa!