Launch Cover Reveal

Are you a young adult guy or girl searching for a story that will take you into a new world just a bit different than your own?

Are you a librarian, teacher or parent looking for a young adult book that is sure to engage the teen readers in your world?

Well, then, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we at Little Lamb Books are eager to reveal the cover of Launch, the soon-to-be released first book in the Rise of the Anointed trilogy written by author Jason C. Joyner, and to tell you a small bit about what is coming July 3, 2018!

Want to know more? Good.

Here you go…

Sixteen-year-olds Demarcus Bartlett and Lily Beausoliel are among a select group of teenagers invited to an exclusive, all-expenses-paid conference at social media giant Alturas’ California headquarters. Led by charismatic founder Simon Mazor, this isn’t the typical honors society. It seems that everyone here has some secret, untapped potential, some power that may not be entirely of this world. An ancient prophecy suggests that if these teens combine their abilities, they could change the course of history. The only question is: Will it be for better or for worse?


Are you ready to jump into this superhero adventure story? We sure are.

Stay tuned to our website for more news regarding our Launch release and pre-order dates, and be sure check out the new Facebook group created by Author Jason C. Joyner and talk about writing and superheroes. This is a terrific way to get-to-know Jason and be the first to hear about updates for Launch and the Rise of the Anointed trilogy! Join Today!