Behind the Scenes with Little Lamb Books at the Great Homeschool Convention 2018

The Great Homeschool Convention hosts five regional education events every year, including in Texas. They offer parents who choose to homeschool their children amazing guest speakers, a variety of classes on parenting and homeschooling topics, and an exhibit hall full of homeschool curriculum, book publishers, activity ideas, and much more.

This year marks the first time we at Little Lamb Books participated in the Thursday – Saturday event hosted in our backyard. It took us a few months to decide on the look of our booth (lots of purple, of course), choose the fun book swag (bookmarks, pens, bracelets, and more), arrange the book signings with our authors, set up travel plans for everyone, and more. And, of course, we had books to share, including The Bubble Who Would Not POP!, Teeny Sweeney and the Mustache Cash, and Launch.

While much of the 3-day show was about giveaways and promoting our titles, many parents stopped by to check out our Little Lamb Books booth, learn more about our mission and goals, and ask what we have to offer. This was one of the best parts of the show! We knew that there would be around 4,000-6,000 folks streaming through the doors of the Fort Worth Convention Center, but meeting so many wonderful moms and dads and kids excited about reading was divine! And, we loved having Jason C. Joyner, Amberly Kristen Clowe, and Shelly Roark able to join us to sign books, meet readers, and teach a few classes.

Here’s what went down each day:

  • On Thursday, we set up the booth and made everything look pretty. All our boxes of books, table cloths, lamb decor and more were unloaded and piece by piece it all came together. The doors opened that night at 6pm and everyone was able to come in, check out the exhibit hall, and do FREE SHOPPING. It was quite exciting to visit with so many interested in who we were and what Little Lamb Books had to offer.
  • Bright and early Friday morning, we returned to our booth, refilled buckets, set up an extra table for our author signings, and prepped for the long day ahead. We were so happy to introduce Jason, Shelly and Amberly to each other as well as to watch as they interacted with kids and parents alike and tell them about their books! Our founder, Rachel, stepped away for a bit Friday afternoon and taught an hour-long class on 5 Simple Steps to Become a Published Author. It was a full room and lots of good questions were asked. The day ended at 9pm.
  • Everyone who stopped by our Little Lamb Books booth could pick up a variety of fun book swag to take with them as well as sign up for our giveaway of a brand new Kindle, two Easter baskets full of Teeny Sweeney goodies, and more. There were many kiddos who kept returning to our booth for more bubbles and bracelets and buttons while adults stopped by to sign-up for the giveaway and grab a tote bag or sweet treat!
  • Saturday the count down began as buyers arrived to make their final choices, decide on curriculum for the next school year, pick up last minute purchases and more. We also met with many vendors who took a break from their own booths to peruse the exhibit and meet others in their industry. All three authors returned for another round of book signings, and Jason and Amberly each taught classes throughout the day. By the end of the event, we had sold over 100 books, and given away almost 200 of our seven chapter sneak peak of Jason’s brand new YA trilogy Launch. The feedback was terrific!
  • The event ended Saturday evening, and then it was time to break-down the booth and load it up on the truck. Unfortunately, it began raining, which made loading the boxes and booth wall a bit of a tricky situation, but thankfully God held the heavy rain back until we were done. We said good-bye to our authors one by one with big hugs and lots of good memories as they headed home to their families.

While there were a few glitches, like some of our swag didn’t arrive due to a shipping gaffe, all in all, it was a great exhibit and first trade show event, and it gave the Little Lamb Books team members who attended (and Mascot Louie) the chance to introduce the company to parents, children, educators, vendors, and more! Thank you so much to those of you who visited with us and purchased one of our titles! We can’t wait for next year!