February 2018 #FaithPitch!

Happy New Year! It’s not too late to say that, right?!

To kick off 2018, we’re officially getting ready to host our first of three #FaithPitch events of the year!  Wednesday, February 28 from 8am to 8pm, you will have the opportunity to pitch your latest and greatest Christian Fiction manuscript to agents and editors within the industry. You manuscript must be finished, been through revisions, and be ready to share via a 280-CHARACTER pitch!

Yep, you read that right! Thanks to the late-in-the-year change by Twitter to give everyone LOTS more characters per tweet, we are making the change as well. You will have 280-characters to pitch your manuscript!

Now, there are a couple of things to remember as you prepare for this event.

  1. We did not create this concept nor are we the only pitch party out there. There are many opportunities popping up each week for you to share your best “elevator pitches” for your manuscripts, whether faith-based or not. That’s the beauty of this concept: We don’t have to be all things to all people. #FaithPitch is a tool for you to add to your author tool-bag. It is an opportunity to share your work, receive feedback, and possibly connect with an industry professional.
  2. This event is for faith-based, Christian, biblically-founded fiction. Yes, it is exclusively for those authors whose stories stem from a Christian worldview.
  3. We cannot guarantee who follows us during our event. Participants will come and go as their schedule allows. We invite at least 100 industry professionals for each of our three  nline pitch events, but the agents and editors that we invite may very well be busy that day and unable to join us. Or, some are closed to queries. Or, some are not looking for what you are currently offering in a specific genre or category. However, many do participate and we have had several success stories. In addition, quite a few have let us know that they browse our feed a few days after the event when time permits to see what is available.

In November 2017, we had a mix of 12 agents and editors announce their participation, including Revell and Lighthouse of the Carolinas, while another 5-6 visited us behind-the-scenes. While this isn’t a huge number, considering it was right after a holiday, it was a good indication that more and more agents and editors are enjoying this process AND are looking for what you have to offer.

So, since #FaithPitch is just a short month away, here’s what you need know:

  • #FaithPitch is a one day writing event on Twitter for faith-based writers to share a one-line, 280-CHARACTER pitch of their unpublished, yet completed Christian fiction manuscript directly with agents and editors by using the hashtag #FaithPitch.
  • This event is open to writers of children’s fiction (board books, picture books, etc.) as well as middle grade, young adult, and adult novels. But, FICTION only!
  • You must be tweeting pitches for finished, edited, and unpublished manuscripts. Not half-done or kinda finished. Completed. Edited. Fully Ready.
  • You may only tweet an individual pitch 4 times per manuscript (up to 4 different manuscripts) every two (2) hours during the event. Create variations of your pitch so you’re not using the same one four times. You cannot pitch the same story more than the allotted 4 times between 8am and 8pm CST (9am-9pm EST).
  • Your pitch can now be 280-characters, including the hashtag #FaithPitch as well as the correct hashtags for your genre and age group. The hashtag (#) is necessary because it organizes the pitches by category for those monitoring the Twitter feed looking for specific types of books.
  • There is a list of current hashtags on our website for genres, including Women’s Fiction, Steampunk, and Thrillers.
  • Do NOT Attach Photos/Graphics, unless it’s an illustration for a Picture Book. No Ads.
  • Likes/Hearts are to only be used by the industry pros when they desire to see more from an author. You can retweet with a comment to show support of a friend or a particular pitch.
  • If you receive a heart (favorite/like) by an agent or editor, research them prior to sending your query to ensure that they are legit and that y’all are a good fit.
  • Please be sure to be professional and polite in your interactions with each other and our professionals at all times. Be aware that we will not tolerate rudeness or unkindness at any time. Do not tweet agents or publishers directly unless they reach out to you first.
  • If you see anyone abusing our feed, please report it to Twitter AND notify us right away.

We believe it’s important to host this event so ALL agents and editors, who are seeking new faith-based offerings, can find fresh stories in everything from kids’ picture books to adult novels in a variety of genres, and we are thankful for all the writers following #FaithPitch and looking for representation within the Christian fiction market place, a specific niche in the book market. As the publisher and managing editor of Little Lamb Books, this excites me for future titles that might become available for readers of all ages across the world.

To stay up-to-date on all things #FaithPitch, you should visit our #FaithPitch page on our website. That’s where you can view all the rules, hashtags, genre listings and age groups to use during the event. We also have a dedicated Twitter (@Faith_Pitch) feed that we’ll be updating often as the event gets closer.

And, don’t forget we have two more 2018 dates to choose from, including June 28, 2018, and November 28, 2018! If you don’t see a genre or if you have any questions, please contact us at hello@littlelambbooks.com

#FaithPitch. Wednesday, February 28, 2018. 8am-8pm CST. We’ll see you soon!

Lambie Love,