A Merry Happy Christmas Birthday!

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday!


Merry Birthday? Happy Christmas?

Most people aren’t sure what to say when they find out that I have a Christmas Birthday. Usually this occurs when I’m at the doctor’s office, the local DMV, or any other random moment when they are looking at my driver’s license or official paperwork.

Generally, I hear a lot of the following:

“Your birthdays must have been so sad.”

“Wow, I bet you got ripped off at Christmas.”

“Do you only get one present for both events?”

“You should just celebrate in June instead of waiting.”

More times than I can count, the response to my holiday birthday is almost always negative.

Yet, I can tell you that this particular date on the calendar to have a birthday is most certainly not negative. Far from it.

A Christmas Birthday is decorated with sparkling lights, colorful ornaments, tall trees, and soft stockings.

A Christmas Birthday is brimming with harmonious music, lively theater performances, and inspirational movies.

A Christmas Birthday is filled with giggling children, loving family cards, and neighbors with kind greetings.

A Christmas Birthday is stuffed to the top with yummy treats, sticky peppermints, warm cookies, and hot chocolate.

A Christmas Birthday is celebrated across the globe by more than one family in more than one country through many unique traditions and customs.

A Christmas Birthday is a signal to the world to remember the birth of the most notable of King of Kings, Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger to a virgin and her carpenter husband in order to save us all and extend grace unfathomable.

You see, having a Christmas Birthday is quite the opposite of negative.

It is bright and beautiful, majestic and magical, delightful and delicious, and savored and splendid.

Having a Christmas birthday has been the absolute best birth date to have because from the time I was born, my birthday has always felt different, special, important.

Realistically, it’s not perfect. No, I didn’t often have a big party with classmates and friends growing up. Everyone was either with their own families or traveling from point to point. Yes, sometimes my gifts were wrapped in Christmas paper just like the presents under the tree for my sibling and cousins. Lots of greens and reds, neither a particularly favorite color. No we didn’t play outside at a park or swim in a pool. Well, hello winter.

But, what small, trivial details when you consider that this ONE day a year is filled with such positive anticipation, celebrated for a whole month (and then some), and a time when the world comes together in awe and wonder.

I can honestly say that for most of my several decades on this earth, I’ve loved having an uncommon birthday that stands out from all the other 364 days of the year.

So, you can say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas…

or Merry Happy Christmas Birthday!

Either way, I’ll be smiling and joyful.

And, I’ll be wishing each and every one of you a day filled with an abundance of peace and joy and love and faith to carry you through the next 364 days until we can celebrate my holiday birthday together again.

Much Lambie Love,