A Christmas Celebration

Guest blogger Jean Matthew Hall, author of Seasons series (coming 2019)

I’m baking. The wonderful aromas of spices & chocolates fill my house.

My kitchen is a big mess with flour & sugar everywhere.

Chocolate chips & sprinkles decorate my island.

My little freezer is bulging with the goodies I’m making to share with the people we love. We make these cookies & cakes, breads & candies to celebrate each Christmas.

  • To celebrate your birth, dear Jesus.
  • To celebrate our love for each other.
  • To celebrate the bounty of gifts you give to us.

The sweet treats we prepare & share represent all the delicious blessings YOU pour into our lives, Lord. And, there are plenty of them.

Thank you for friends & family to celebrate with. To exchange gifts with. To share good wishes with. Thank you for days of celebration.

This huge deal we make over Christmas is just a tiny taste of the celebration we’ll enjoy in Heaven someday.

When God’s Son, Jesus the Groom, parades through Heaven with His Bride on His arm, the entire universe won’t be big enough to contain the festivities.

I’m eager for the party to begin.

Are you ready for that day?

Jean Matthew Hall, a retired school teacher and administrator, currently writes and resides in Kentucky. While her stories and poems appear in a variety of inspirational magazines and anthologies, she has spent most of her life singing songs, reading books, playing games, cutting, coloring and gluing with children of all ages, including with her eight grandchildren. Her series of picture books celebrating God’s seasons are tentatively scheduled for 2019 and will delight young readers with their colors and wordplay. Find out more about Jean by visiting her at www.jeanmatthewhall.com and Facebook or Twitter.