Your Monday Muse-Mercy Me Christmas!

This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs, and I love this beautiful rendition by one of my favorite singing groups, Mercy Me. As I enter this busy, busy season, I love these lyrics (by Lee Mendelson), and I find myself singing them and humming the tune in the car, washing dishes, writing blogs…everywhere!

“Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of the year.
Snowflakes in the air
Carols everywhere
Olden times and ancient rhymes
Of love and dreams to share.
Sleigh bells in the air
Beauty everywhere
Yuletide by the fireside
And joyful memories there.
Christmas time is here
Families drawing near
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year.”
As we all return to school, work, and our normal schedules…
As we look over our long list of projects, activities, and events for family and friends…
As we try to remember the reason for the season amidst the bustle of shopping and wrapping, cooking and cleaning…
As we search for our joy and peace while grieving and hurting, crying and praying…
Let’s try to give ourselves grace and remember what Christmas is all about.
Remember the joy.
Remember the kindness.
Remember the love.
Remember the songs, the smiles, the beauty.
Remember the manger, the birth, the star.
Remember Jesus.
It’s a beautiful time of year. Christmastime.