November 2017 #FaithPitch Details

#FaithPitch is officially 11 days away, so we wanted to be make sure everyone had all the important details in one place in order to get the most out participating before the end of the year.

Who’s Hosting? In general…We at Little Lamb Books are. Specifically…our leader, Rachel Pellegrino, is.

What Is It? #FaithPitch, a Twitter Pitch Party exclusively for Christian Fiction.

When Does It Take Place? Tuesday, November 28 from 8am to 8pm CST.

Where Can I Find It? Only on Twitter, use the hashtag #FaithPitch and check out our handle @Faith_Pitch for updates.

Why Participate? Possibly move past the slush pile and find an agent or editor to represent your work, plus build community and meet other faith-based writers.

Who Should Show Up? Writers of faith-based or Christian Fiction for kids through adults, plus literary agents and publishing editors.

How Does It Work? Craft a 140-character pitch that is not only attention-grabbing, but gives enough plot details to be interesting. Use the correct hashtag to help industry folks know what it’s about. Post your pitch 4x during the 8am to 8pm time period. Submit a cover letter and manuscript per the requests of those industry participants who favorite your pitches.

How Many Pitches? 4 (different or the same) pitches per completed and edited, but not yet published manuscript during the 12-hour event.

What Can Be Pitched? #FaithPitch is exclusively for Christian Fiction manuscripts in the form of board books, picture books, chapter books, novels, etc. NO ADS, GRAPHICS, VIDEOS, ART.

Any New News? Yes, while Twitter is being generous with character counts, we’re going to keep the 140-character limit for the November 2017 pitch party. Then, in 2018, we’ll revisit the plans and guidelines, and see how many characters we’ll allow. So, keep this in mind when crafting your pitches…140-characters only.

Thoughtful Reminders: This is not a query. It’s a pitch. It’a concentrated line, a quick intro, a teaser. This is not your query, your cover letter, or your full submission. Be creative. Write in active voice. Use details. Be prepared to reply to an agent or editor should you receive a like/heart from them.

Essential Tools: Besides Twitter (desktop or mobile) and possibly a scheduling app, like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, etc., be sure to confirm your genre and the correct hashtag for your manuscript is on the list.

Participation Expectations: Don’t be rude. Don’t be tacky. Don’t ignore the rules. Don’t heart/like pitches if you’re not an agent or editor. Be kind. Show support. Be creative. Research agents/editors/publishing houses before submitting. Be professional at all times. Let us know if you have a success story.

We wish you all the best and ask that you share the details about this opportunity with writers and industry peeps everywhere!