Welcome Our new Author-Jean Matthew Hall!

I am always grateful when God brings a new author into our Little Lamb Books family. He is always introducing me to amazing and inspiring writers, and today is no different. I hope you will all join me as we extend a warm embrace to our newest addition….Jean Matthew Hall!

Jean comes to us via her agent, Cyle Young with Hartline Literary Agency. Cyle and I met at Write-to-Publish in Chicago this summer, and when he sent me Jean’s series of picture books, they grabbed my attention and made me smile. I could visualize not only the stories themselves, but also me curled up reading each one to my own Little One. I also knew after speaking with Jean that ours was a God-appointment.

Jean was a teacher and administrator for over 25 years before retiring to care for loved ones and begin her writing career. She’s been published in a variety of adult inspirational magazines and anthologies as well as having a few children’s articles published in Christian children’s magazines. She was involved behind-the-scenes with the Florida Christian Writers Conference before moving to Kentucky to be closer to family.

I asked Jean a few questions for the blog today, so you can get to know her a little bit. You can learn more about her by visiting her website as well as following her on Facebook and Twitter. Her series of seasonal picture books for ages 5-8 are delightful and capture the sights and sounds of each of the four seasons; they are tentatively titled Thank you, God, It’s…(Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer).

Where do you call home?  Currently, Louisville, Kentucky

Describe Your Family. My husband, Jerry, passed away in September of 2016. I have three children: Stephen is deceased. David is married to Jenny and lives in Louisville, where both serve as police detectives. Their children are Courtnee, Olivia, Jackson, and Dylan. My daughter, Tabitha, who is a NICU nurse, lives in Monroe, NC with her four children-Mikey, Luke, Justus, Lilifaith.

What are your favorite kids’ books (and authors)? It is much easier for me to name the authors I love. I love almost everything written by Jane Yolen, Patricia Reilly Giff, Katherine Paterson, Crystal Bowman, Amy Parker, Jill Roman Lord, Cynthia Rylant, Carol Heyer, Kate DiCamillo, Lois Lowry, and Carole Boston Weatherford.

As a child, what did you want to be/do when you grew up? As a child I never thought about a “career.” I assumed I’d grow up to be a wife and mom. In high school I wanted to be “anything but a teacher.” In adulthood, I fell in love with teaching—in watching students grasp concepts and succeed.

Where is your favorite place to write? I write at my desk in my bedroom.

What do you think would be the main message of your upcoming series of picture book? That God is the loving Designer and Creator of this world.

How did you come up with the idea for your books/main character(s)? I actually started without a main character. I wrote the fall manuscript as if I were walking through the day myself. Then an editor told me the story needed a character. So, I imagined a happy, busy six or seven-year old. The names came from children I know personally.

What is your favorite way to spend a “day off”? Reading with a cup of hot cocoa, or cooking and baking.

We are very honored to have Jean join Little Lamb Books, and I can’t wait for everyone to have her series on their bookshelves and be able to read her picture books to kids and grandkids each night. Don’t forget to visit our website to catch up on blog posts, and to subscribe to our monthly newsletter for author updates, giveaways, events, and book release information (like Jean’s)!

Lambie Love,