Your Monday Muse-Louis Armstrong

It’s catch up day. Do you have those?

After a busy weekend of travel and activities, where no laundry or chores were done, today has been a day where I have spent time just catching up. Catching up on email, catching up on laundry, catching up with meal planning, and catching up with my Jesus conversations. I’ve walked a mile, rotated laundry, made my to do list for the rest of the week, and tried to clear out the cobwebs were weaved overnight.

And, I’ve been listening to tunes that signal fall is coming, even though here in Texas it’s still at least 90º or hotter outside. I’m also prepping the house for autumn’s arrival: Pumpkin spice candles burning, football wreath hung on the front door, jazz greats playing through the speakers, swim toys stored away, and summer clothes moved to the back of the closet.

It’s a catch up kind of day. How about you? Are you catching up on anything today?

Oh, and do you have a song that signals the arrival of autumn? This one is a favorite. Enjoy!

Lambie Love,