We’re Celebrating Our Second Birthday!

Happy Birthday to US! Hooray! Woohoo! YEEHAW!

It’s Little Lamb Books Second Birthday today, and I am so excited that we are celebrating this important day with so many new friends and partners!

WOW! When I look back at where we were in September of 2015, I am in awe. God is so good and has been guiding and opening doors from the beginning. It’s truly amazing to see His hand in each workshop, each acquisition, each business vendor, each trip to a new place.

So, today, we are rejoicing and celebrating turning 2!

We celebrate our mission, which is to publish faith-based stories for elementary kiddos, middle grade tweens, and young adult teens that will daily delight them as readers, inspire them as dreamers and creators, and encourage them as Christians facing a changing world.

We celebrate our authors, those who have taken a leap of faith to entrust us with their dream of seeing their story turn from a an unpublished manuscript to a published and promoted picture book, chapter book, or novel. Thank you ShellyAmberlyJean P (and a few more we haven’t announced yet)! I’m beyond blessed by you all!

We celebrate parents and grandparents, those who spend their time reading stories to their kids or ensuring that the books being read are clean, entertaining, and worth the dollars that they spend on them. Thank you Moms & Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas!

We celebrate our colleagues, contractors, and mentors, those working hard behind the scenes to move us forward, share from their experiences, design our graphics, lay out our pages, edit our words, print and ship our books, and much, much more. Thank you Two Leaf Creative, TLC Graphics, Jostens, SPU, Lindsay, Tiny Tales Editing, and others-We couldn’t do this without you.

We celebrate our readers and followers, those fans, bloggers, and reviewers who have jumped on our bandwagon early and are willing to share about who we are, what we do, and where to buy our books. We say THANK YOU for joining us on this ride, and we hope you’ll keep following along because we have so much good stuff coming in the next year!

We celebrate being the new guys, the start-up, the fresh kids on the block. While there are so many naysayers in this ever-changing industry, we have found a void we believe needed to be filled and could be filled…by us. We are super thankful for all those who have supported us, worked with us, challenged us, and, yes, even those who said no to us. Each door that we walked through has been an opportunity to give glory to God. Thank you Jesus!

Today we celebrate and give praise to our true Creator! We are looking forward to the addition of a third #FaithPitch event in November, new faces joining our team, and new titles coming out in 2018. We have some fun announcements coming this fall (stay tuned to our website), and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities God is going to bring our way!

Happy Birthday Little Lamb Books! I’m so proud to call you my passion, my purpose, and my place of business!

Now, Let’s Eat Cake!

Lambie Love,