Welcome Our New Author-Jason C. Joyner!

You guys, it’s been a great week! Celebrating our birthday is so fun, but even more fun is announcing the addition of a new author to our Little Lamb Books family. It’s really one of my favorite things about being a publisher.

Today, I’m so delighted to offer a warm Texas welcome to our newest author and fellow Dallas Cowboys fan…Jason C. Joyner!

You are so going to want to purchase Jason’s young adult novel for yourself your teen when it’s released!

I stumbled upon Jason during an online pitch event (not ours), where he was pitching his manuscript, and I really wanted to let him know I liked it. But, he had received several requests already, and I was traveling at the time, so my attention-span was short that day. I’m going to tattle on myself and share that I do remember taking a screenshot of his pitch, thinking to myself that I would reach out separately. and hope that he hadn’t been snatched up yet and would he submit to us.

Then, just a week later, we hosted #FaithPitch, and since I always hang out with the authors and agents online during each event, I was not only pleasantly surprised, I may have also done a happy dance when I saw Jason’s pitch pop up! He made me wait a couple weeks between the initial contact and his query, but thankfully, it was everything I hoped it would be and well worth the wait! I am super excited for you all to read his terrific young adult novel that takes teens with biblical superpowers and crafts an action trilogy both guys and gals won’t be able to put down.

I’m sharing a short interview with him here on the blog, so you can all get to know him better, but you can also currently follow Jason on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on his website.

Where do you call home? Blackfoot, Idaho

Who is a part of your immediate family? My wife, Beccy, and our four kids: sons Nathan (17), Matthew (15), Caleb (13), and daughter Micaiah(8).

Where is your favorite place to write? I usually write at my desk. Sometimes I sneak into my wife’s piano studio to get new surroundings.

Who is your favorite fictional hero? Han Solo. He starts out selfish, but realizes he has a place to play in the rebellion and sacrifices to help out.

What is your life motto? You can’t control how other people act, but you can control how you react.

What do you think would be the main message of your debut young adult trilogy? We are all given gifts – so how will we choose to use them?

What do you think makes a good story? I like an exciting story featuring characters that I care about with a sense of wonder in the world of the novel.

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be? Hmm. Bacon or salmon? It would have to be bacon.

We are very honored to have Jason join Little Lamb Books, and I truly am impatient for everyone to read his dynamic young adult novel, tentatively titled Launch. Don’t forget to sign up for Jason’s newsletter, and be sure to visit our website to catch up on blog posts as well as subscribe to our Little Lamb Books newsletter for author updates, book release information (like Jason’s), and new contests!

Lambie Love,