Your Monday Muse-Rascal Flatts

Y’all it’s not looking good in Houston, Texas. At. All.

And, it makes me feel utterly helpless. Anyone else struggle with wanting to fix it, change it, help with it…find a truck, load it with all the things needed, tow a boat, and go jump into it? Anyone?

We are about 400 miles to the north of Houston, and getting some rain, but we have extended family, close friends, and sweet colleagues who are being tremendously impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the rain that is flooding their streets and homes. While nature may seem to set its own course, our GOD is in control and He sees the needs of Houstonians and He hears their cry for help and a break from the onslaught of rain. He is in the midst of the miraculous rescues, the hands reaching out to help, and the hugs that are consoling those hurting.

We are praying for all the families and residents in Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, and all the cities in between that are being affected. Please Heavenly Father, be with all the men, women, and children needing your peace, your security, and your comfort right now and be with the first responders and rescue workers as they try to help with boots so the ground and boats in the water. Be with those setting up the shelters and those in need of shelter.

Please pray with us today and each day forward, and where you feel able, give to help those most affected by this terrible storm. There are so many amazing people helping. So many wonderful organizations hearing the call and jumping into it. Convoy of Hope. American Red Cross. The Goodness Project. Trusted World. Salvation Army.

We are here and we are reaching out and we are united in finding ways to help.

Lambie Love,