Your Monday Muse-Tori Kelly

Working in the publishing business day to day, I’m often in awe of all that God brings together. The words. The illustrations. The manufacturing. The distribution. Each time we add a piece, try something new, reach out to book stores, I ask myself how I became so blessed, and I give thanks for the purpose God fulfills in each title we produce. But, some days, well, somedays, there is a weight to carrying the hopes and dreams of others, to want as much as they do to see their success, to put so many hours and minutes in something separate from time spent with family and friends.

It can feel…heavy.

Just like in everyday life. We can have a great job, a loving family, loyal friends, and terrific travels, but sometimes…well, sometimes it only takes one unkind word, one post on social media, one unsettling dream, one broken promise, and we can find ourselves overwhelmed and burdened or sad and hurting.

When I find a song that really speaks these feelings, I tend to listen to it over and over. And, oh, how I love this reminder, these lyrics that act as a reminder to my soul.

“Breathe in and let it go, oh
Your tears are not for nothing
Let them fall off
In every tear drop there is something beautiful, oh
You are stronger than you know, oh
Oh you’re something beautiful”

Something Beautiful by Tori Kelly

No matter the mess in my house, the laundry piled up, or the meal planning to do.

No matter the dark circles around my eyes, the bun on my head, or the nails unpolished.

No matter the perfect pictures on Instagram, the negative news on television, or the too full email box.

Because God made us each in HIS image. He is our yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

He made us each one. Unique. Strong. Beautiful. Capabable. Resilient.

For those of you hurting, sad, burdened, or struggling to see yourself in HIS image…this song is for you, these lyrics are for you.


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Lambie Love,