Your Monday Muse-The Afters

As dusk sets this evening, my daughter and husband are outside watering the new flowers we bought over the weekend. This is a task they both enjoy much more than me, but it humors me a bit because my little one loves to be outside, playing in the water, messing with the flowers, yet to get her to pick up her room has been a challenge.

I thought it quite appropriate then that our memory verse from the Bible today was…”Do ALL things without grumbling or complaining.” Philippians 2:14

This is one of those scriptures that just doesn’t leave any room for gray. It’s very specific, and y’all, it convicts me just as much as it challenges my daughter. We both have tasks, child and adult, that we can’t stand to do, yet God calls us to do ALL THE THINGS with a spirit of joy, kindness, and humility…and NO whining.

It’s the little, but important reminders, like this scripture, that set the tone for my week, and this week with my miles-long to do list, my multitude of laundry piles, my sink of dirty dishes, and my days with only 24 hours, I’m going to try to be a better example of how to do ALL THE THINGS each day with a better attitude so that my week fills up with joy, laughter, and smiles.

This might mean that I turn up the music and sing while I’m cleaning a bathroom. It might mean that I give lots of hugs during stretch breaks from my computer. Sometimes it just means giving thanks out loud even in the midst of a task I just don’t. want. to do. But, no matter what, I’m reminding myself, and the little one watching and listening, how blessed we are and how we can give thanks even when we don’t feel like it.

I hope you have a great week this week too! Here’s an encouraging word for the end of your day from The Afters…a reminder to breathe in and breathe out, and let the Lord of ALL THE THINGS, fun and not so much, lift you up!